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Get To Know Evin Harrah Cosby: Navigating Life As Bill Cosby's Daughter

Published Mon Dec 18 2023 By Bsgurung
Get To Know Evin Harrah Cosby: Navigating Life As Bill Cosby's Daughter

Evin Harrah Cosby, born on August 27, 1976, is the daughter of Bill Cosby and Camille Hanks Cosby. Growing up in the public eye, she opted for a business career rather than entering the entertainment industry like her famous father. 

At 46 years old, Evin is the owner of the luxury boutique PB & Caviar. Despite not pursuing acting, she served as the inspiration for the character Rudy Huxtable on the iconic Cosby Show, where her father is a TV legend.

Evin Cosby Shares Two Children With Husband, John Atchison

Evin Cosby is joyfully married to her longtime partner, John Atchison, although the specific wedding date remains undisclosed. 

Evin Cosby parents
Image: Evin Cosby with her parents spending time together. Source: Page Six

Her spouse, John, is an American lawyer, and the couple has been happily married for an extended period. Throughout their enduring love story, they have been blessed with two lovely children. 

Despite the lack of extensive details about John's personal life, Evin maintains a private and low-key profile when it comes to sharing information about her family life.

Parents Love Life and Siblings

Evin Harrah, born on August 27, 1976, in Los Angeles, is the 47-year-old daughter of renowned African-American parents Bill Cosby and Camille Olivia Cosby. 

Bill, a stand-up comedian and actor, faced career challenges due to sexual assault accusations. Camille, her mother, is a television producer and philanthropist. 

Evin's parents, married on January 25, 1964, have five children, including Erika Ranee, Erinn Chalene, Ennis William, and Ensa Camille

Evin's middle name, Harrah, comes from her father's friend William Fisk Harrah. Despite her father's controversies, Evin grew up in a family that endured for decades.

Two Siblings Died From Fatal Gunshot

Evin Harrah Cosby, with four siblings in her upbringing, experienced the tragic loss of two siblings as adults. In 1997, her only brother, Ennis Cosby, fell victim to a fatal gunshot during a robbery while changing a tire on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles.

Nearly two decades later, on February 23, 2018, Evin faced another devastating blow as her immediate older sister, Ensa Cosby, passed away at 44 due to renal disease while awaiting a kidney transplant. 

The profound impact of losing both siblings weighed heavily on Evin, as expressed in interviews, marking a poignant chapter in her life.

Evin Cosby's Career Highlights

Evin Cosby has chosen an entrepreneurial path distinct from her father's entertainment career, venturing into the world of fashion. As an ardent fashion enthusiast, she is the owner of PB & Caviar Boutique, specializing in children's and women's clothing. 

Evin's interest in fashion traces back to her experiences babysitting style icons Diana Ross and Tina Turner. In addition to her boutique, she is a co-owner of Wai Chan in Tribeca, New York City. 

Evin Cosby's foray into the business world reflects her passion for fashion and a commitment to entrepreneurship beyond the spotlight of her father's fame.

Evin Harrah Cosby's Net Worth in 2023

Evin Harrah Cosby, though successful in her career, has kept her precise net worth undisclosed. In contrast, her father, Bill Cosby, boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $400 million, ranking him among the wealthiest figures in the entertainment industry. 

Bill Cosby net worth
Image: Legendary actor and comedian, Bill Cosby in the frame. Source: Vanity Fair

Notably, Cosby earned a substantial income, receiving about $4 million per episode during the extensive run of his highly successful show, "The Cosby Show." 

While Evin's financial details remain private, the Cosby family, particularly her father, has accumulated significant wealth through their respective ventures in the entertainment and business worlds.

Supported Father, Bill Cosby During His Hard Times

Bill Cosby faced public backlash in 2014 as over 60 women accused him of sexual assault amid the Me Too Movement. Seven women filed lawsuits, tarnishing his once-illustrious career. 

Amidst the storm, Cosby's daughter, Evin Harrah Cosby, defended him on social media, criticizing the public for accepting allegations as truth without due process. Despite his 2018 conviction for aggravated sexual assault, Cosby's daughter stood by him. 

In June 2021, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned his conviction, citing due process violations, leading to Cosby's release from prison on the same day, sparking renewed discussions on the case's complexities.

Evin Cosby Age and Education

Camille Cosby gave birth to her youngest child, Evin, 12 years into her marriage with Bill Cosby. Born on August 27, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, Evin's middle name, Harrah, honors one of her father's friends, William Fisk Harrah. 

Evin is American, of African-American ethnicity, and follows Christianity. She attended Banks Street Elementary and Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in New York before graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.

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