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Get To Know Sylvia Dale Wife of Johnnie Cochran!

Published Mon Jan 01 2024 By Bsgurung
Get To Know Sylvia Dale Wife of Johnnie Cochran!

Sylvia Dale, an American sales analyst, gained prominence as the wife of the renowned lawyer Johnnie Cochran, who passed away in 2005. The couple, married for two decades, faced challenges in their relationship, enduring ups and downs. 

Despite the difficulties, Sylvia stood by Johnnie's side throughout their journey. The article explores their enduring relationship, highlighting the resilience exhibited by Sylvia Dale during her marriage to the famous lawyer.

Sylvia Dale Married Johnnie Cochran Married in 1985

Sylvia Dale first met her future husband, Johnnie Cochran, in 1981, sparking an immediate connection that led to their dating. Despite a significant 15-year age gap, with Cochran being 44 and Dale 29 at the time, their love prevailed. 

Sylvia Dale husband
Image: Sylvia Dale with her late husband, Johnnie Cochran together. Source; Pinterest

Undeterred by the age difference, they married in 1985 after four years of knowing each other, showcasing a deep and enduring bond.

Does Sylvia Dale and Johnnie Cochran Have Any Kids? 

Despite Johnnie Cochran's troubled past with his former wife Barbara Jean Berry, where he faced allegations of mental and physical abuse, his marriage with Sylvia Dale was different.

Contrary to assumptions, Cochran did not mistreat Sylvia, and she viewed him as her Prince Charming. The couple, married for 20 years, chose not to have children, finding fulfillment in each other's company. 

Despite any ups and downs, Sylvia remained devoted to Cochran until his last breath, emphasizing the unique and enduring nature of their relationship.

Sylvia Dale's Late Husband, Johnnie Cochran Shares Two Kids With Ex-Wife, Tiffany Cochran

Before meeting Sylvia Dale, Johnnie Cochran had children from his first marriage to Barbara. The couple had two daughters, Tiffany Cochran and Melodie Cochran

Despite their parents' divorce, the girls maintained a close relationship with their father. Additionally, Cochran had a son named Jonathan Cochran from an extramarital affair with Patricia that lasted over 20 years during his marriage to Barbara Berry.

These details shed light on Cochran's complex personal life, encompassing both his committed relationship with Sylvia Dale and his prior family dynamics.

They Were Together Until Johnnie Cochran Passed in 2005

Sylvia Dale remained devoted to Johnnie Cochran until his passing in 2005. The defense lawyer, renowned for his role in O.J. Simpson's case, succumbed to a brain tumor at 68, despite receiving treatments since the diagnosis in 2003. 

Cochran's casket was publicly viewed on April 4, 2005, at the Angelus Funeral Home in Los Angeles, followed by a memorial service on April 6. 

His funeral, attended by friends and clients such as O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson, marked his final farewell. Cochran now rests in peace at the Inglewood Park Cemetery in California.

Sylvia Dale is in the Sales Business

Sylvia Dale, initially a talented sales analyst, transitioned to marketing in the early 2000s. During this period, she acquired newsstands at locations like airports and parks, earning income from publishers. 

While her career took significant turns, the details of her success remain undisclosed, reflecting her private nature. 

Despite her accomplished professional background, Dale has chosen to keep her achievements low-profile. As of now, it is presumed that she has retired from her career, adding to the mystery surrounding her life and accomplishments.

What is Sylvia Dale Doing Now? 

Sylvia Dale continues to lead a private life, shrouded in mystery, making it challenging to determine her current whereabouts. 

Jonnie Cochran death
Image: Late lawyer, Johnnie Cochran at the court. Source: Pinterest

While it is speculated that she may reside in Los Angeles, potentially inheriting the home from her late husband, Johnnie Cochran, her exact location remains elusive. 

Notably, since Cochran's passing in 2005, Sylvia Dale has chosen not to remarry, opting for a solitary existence, further contributing to the enigma surrounding her life.

How Old is Sylvia Dale Today? 

Sylvia Dale, born in 1952, is currently 71 years old as of 2023. Maintaining a low profile in the media, she remains a secretive figure, with no publicly available pictures of her at this age. 

Born in the USA to undisclosed parents, Dale has chosen not to reveal her birthdate, family details, or educational background. Her privacy stems from being known primarily for her marriage to the late Johnnie Cochran rather than her professional endeavors. 

Like many celebrities, she guards her personal information, avoiding media scrutiny and ensuring her family life remains off public discourse.

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