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Here's Everything You Ought To Know About 'FaceApp' Security Concerns!

Published Sat Jul 20 2019 By Jasmine
Here's Everything You Ought To Know About 'FaceApp' Security Concerns!

You need to be aware about the security concerns created by 'FaceApp'!

Every time you open an Instagram account or try surfing the net, an unavoidable image of your friend pops up. Your friend suddenly looks about a 40-years older and you are fascinated to see this. Now, you too are curious to find out what you would look like when you hit the old age. Consequently, you create a FaceApp account like million others.

With an augmenting hype over applications like FaceApp, which provide new and cooler filters, we instantly, and unknowingly consent to hand them our data and information. While, It is known that FaceApp makes millions of dollars through us; do the threats created by FaceApp increase from monetary and extend up to our security?

FaceApp is suspected to work with the Russian government. (SOURCE: twitter)

While FaceApp seems to be a new app on the market, hitting controversies due to its new arrival, it actually created headlines two years ago for an infamous "ethnicity filter". Many people considered those filters to be extremely racist and therefore, FaceApp dissolved the idea.

In recent days , FaceApp is gaining the spotlight for a different issue. Many people find the application to be quite suspicious and even threatening to individual security. Some even believe in the hypothesis that the app is a part of a secret program created by the Russian government! 

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In case of FaceApp, there are three major things, poking the concerns of the users. Firstly, the app could possibly control every image and data stored in your phone. On July 15, Joshuwa Nozzi tweeted about how the app had started uploading his images without his permission. Even though he later apologized for his tweet, there is no evidence on whether or not the app could breach into the users gallery.

Secondly, in order to apply filters on the images FaceApp demands you to upload your images to cloud. Most of the image editing apps do this on your phone itself. This certainly raises many eyebrows as to why the app needs to take your pictures. However, the app does try to ensure that it only stores images that are edited (mostly only for 48 hours) and not the original images.

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Third and the most important question the users are raising are about the Terms and Conditions of the FaceApp. The Terms and conditions state that the app has the full authority over the uploaded images and the rights to utilize it for any purpose in the future. 

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Needless to say, these terms sound pretty threatening. The users loose the right over their own images after using this app. However, it's worth noting that there are multiple apps that we use on a daily basis which present similar terms and conditions to its users. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram run under similar conditions and they carry greater access to the private data of ours, unlike FaceApp.

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The best conclusion that we can draw for now is that we can not absolutely trust FaceApp and there are various loopholes in the way the application works. While the app is yet to clarify a myriad things to the public, it is up to us to stay safe. Tragically, in order to stay secure, sometimes it is better to bid goodbye to cool filters and enjoy your images as it is.