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Here's Why The Deep Is The Most Interesting Character In The Boys

Published Fri Aug 16 2019 By Travis
Here's Why The Deep Is The Most Interesting Character In The Boys

The Boys was filled with interesting characters but out of all those The Deep was the most interesting one. Find out how!

The Boys was a surprise and a revelation when the show debuted on Amazon from creators Erik Kripke, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg. We were expecting the show to be good because we are avid lovers of Supernatural where Kripke worked for the first five seasons as the showrunner. Then there is the producing duo of Goldberg and Rogen whose movie we will watch any day of the week, plus 'Preacher' was a great show. So, all of it combined we were expecting a great show from the trio, and they delivered big time!

In a show about bad superheroes, the characters ruled the first season, whether it is the extremely villainous 'Homelander' or the revenge-seeking vigilante 'Butcher' or the unwilling supes killer Hughie or the innocent and naïve 'Starlight'. The show was riddled with great characters, but out of all those, one personality was most interesting than the rest, 'The Deep'.

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The conspiracy surrounding Vought creating superheroes was interesting; the creation of supervillains by Homelander was also exciting, but for us, there was no better storyline or character arc like The Deep went through in the series’ ten episodes.

Starting out The Deep seemed like an ordinary douche and all-around evil person who lies and takes advantage of people. The sexual assault by Deep on Starlight was both horrible and heartbreaking, and from the get-go, we are working with the assumption Deep is a horrible person. The reason why Deep is so interesting is because, throughout the series, he doesn’t go on a redemption arc like most series would’ve done after not turning the person truly evil. Instead Deep retreats deeper within himself, and he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do and the “superhero” a breakdown by the time the later episodes come around.

Watch: The Deep sexually assaults Starlight

When Deep first meets, Starlight talks himself up to be the right-hand man of Homelander which turned out not to be true. His powers are weak, Deep’s power is related to the ocean, and he talks to the fish so later on as the series progresses, he comes to grips with the fact he is just a diversity hire for the company and nothing more.

While the series progress we come to know he was also assaulted after he joined the Seven and it felt normal for him to assault Starlight. When the assault comes out, and Vought moves him out of the main city and shoves him in a landlocked city where he is given a stipend and made to live like an average person. The moment he gets moved into the town, it is where he realizes, in the grand scheme of things, he doesn’t matter.

The Deep inside the Seven headquarters.
The Deep was an interesting character and he was compelling beyond his first impression.

Source: Syfy Wire

Another reason why Deep is such a gripping and interesting character is because we don’t know his story arc. Billy Buther wants to get Homelander because he raped Bill’s wife, 'Hughie' is on his way to get revenge against the supes who killed his girlfriend, Homelander is just an outright villain and keeps getting horrible, meaner and volatile, Starlight is on an arc of finding herself and figuring out where she wants to be. The problem with Deep is we don’t know where he is headed.

Deep is a bad person, but he also cares wholeheartedly about the water animals, his heart is on finding a safe place for the animals, and he also cares for the environment. When Deep rescues the Dolphin from a closed facility, the whole scene is funny, but then the fun turns into horror when the Dolphin gets killed during the police chase. It is why the character is awesome; we just don’t know what to make of him. He seems to be an evil person, but he is also compassionate and caring, and the character was not as straight forward as it seemed at first glance.

The most important development for Deep happens when he brings a girl in his home. The girl forcibly makes him take off his clothe and shoves her hand inside his gills, which he doesn’t want, and for the first time, he realizes what it is like to be assaulted. By the end of the season, we see Deep, conflicted between wanting to be famous and also doing the right thing. The final shot we see of the Deep is when he takes a hair-cutter and cuts all his hair. It seems Deep will be coming back to season two with the same look evidently by the actor's Instagram account.

Watch: The Deep's final scene in the first season of The Boys

The Deep is fantastic because we don’t know where he is headed, the story is so out of place all the time we are always left guessing. But it is what great characters are made of when they are ambiguous, and we are left guessing. No other character in the show does that; everything is clear cut for the other people involved in the show, whereas Deep is surrounded by uncertainty.

Deep will be back in The Boys season 2 which was renewed before the first season even aired. Recently the creator of the show, Erik Kripke, shared a photo of the cast filming the second season so fans can enjoy the photo while we all wait for the second season of an amazing series.