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Introducing Connie Angland: The Cherished Wife Of Billy Bob Thornton

Published Sat Nov 25 2023 By Bsgurung
Introducing Connie Angland: The Cherished Wife Of Billy Bob Thornton

Connie Angland grew up alongside her three siblings: two sisters, Beatrice Murch and Carrie Angland, and a brother named Walter Slater Murch. Walter, a UC Berkeley graduate, is involved in post-production and film. 

Beatrice, Connie's sister, serves as a web designer at MurchStudio and is the owner and photographer at Beatrice Murch Photography. Beatrice attended Stevenson School and pursued art history at Willamette University. 

The family's diverse pursuits in film, web design, photography, and art history showcase their varied interests and professional achievements.

How Connie Angland Met Her Husband, Billy Bob Thornton? 

Connie Angland and Billy Bob Thornton initially met on the set of the movie Bad Santa in 2002, where Thornton was the star and producer. 

Billy Bob Thornton wife
Image: Billy Bob Thornton with his wife, Connie Angland together. Source: Amazon

Despite an 11-year age difference and raised eyebrows due to Thornton's recent divorce, they began dating and attended the movie's premiere together in 2003. Moving in together, their romance thrived for 12 years, prompting speculation about marriage. 

Thornton, having sworn off marriage after previous divorces, was content with their relationship and didn't want to risk jinxing it. Despite public scrutiny, the couple continued their strong bond, emphasizing their commitment to formalizing their union.

Tied The Wedding Knot in 2014

Billy Bob Thornton and Connie Angland married in October 2014, four months before publicly announcing the union. Their motivation for tying the knot was their daughter, Bella, born two years into their relationship. 

The couple, together for 21 years, prioritizes family time, celebrating Bella's birthdays and enjoying drives with her. This ninth marriage anniversary surpasses Thornton's prior five marriages, including a high-profile one with Angelina Jolie that ended in 2002 due to lifestyle differences. 

Did Billy Bob Thornton Really Dated Amber Heard

Despite rumors of infidelity during the filming of "Landon Fields" in 2015 with Amber Heard, then married to Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton denied any romantic involvement. These rumors caused speculation about his relationship with Connie Angland, his sixth and current wife. 

However, as of now, Thornton and Angland continue to maintain a blissful relationship. The couple, who tied the knot in October 2014, has weathered past challenges, and Thornton's denial of the alleged affair reaffirms his commitment to his marriage with Connie Angland.

Connie Angland Movies and TV Shows

Connie Angland's upbringing on her family's organic blackberry farm in West Marin, California, alongside siblings Carrie Angland, Walter Slater Murch, and Beatrice Louise Murch, fostered a joyful childhood. 

Connie Angland husband
Image: Connie Angland with her husband at the award show. Source: Hello Magazine

Influenced by her stepfather, she ventured into the film industry, training as a special effects makeup artist and occasionally taking on acting roles. With credits in movies like Planet of the Apes and Men in Black, Angland also showcased her puppeteering skills in films such as Puppet Master 4 and 5. 

Despite her commendable achievements, she remains overshadowed by her husband, Billy Bob Thornton, a renowned actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker, celebrated for works like Sling Blade and Fargo, earning accolades such as an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Her husband, Billy Bob Thorton is an Actor and Musician

Billy Bob Thornton, born on August 4, 1955, is an accomplished American actor, filmmaker, and musician. Rising to prominence with his co-writing and starring role in the 1992 thriller "One False Move," Thornton has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. 

His diverse talents extend to screenwriting and directing, with notable works including "Sling Blade," for which he won an Oscar, "A Simple Plan," and the dark comedy "Bad Santa." Thornton's successful career spans film and television, with notable TV series like "Fargo" and "Goliath." 

Connie Angland's Net Worth in 2023

Connie Angland, with an estimated net worth of around $500,000, has earned her income through her roles as a special effects specialist, puppeteer, and actress. 

Her annual earnings in special effects range from $25,000 to $86,000, while her puppeteering work brings in an average of $75,000

Notably, she has contributed to films like Men in Black, Big Momma's House, and Planet of the Apes. In comparison, her husband, the renowned actor, playwright, and producer Billy Bob Thornton, boasts an estimated net worth of $45 million

Connie Angland Age 

Connie Angland, born Constance I Angland on October 22, 1964, in Northern California, was adopted by Oscar-winning film director Walter Murch and Aggie Murch. Her adoptive parents married a year after her birth in 1965, and their marital bond has endured for over five decades. 

Connie Angland kids
Image: Connie Angland with her family. Source; IMDB

Despite details about her adoptive family being available, information about Connie's biological parents remains undisclosed in the media. 

Angland's early years were predominantly spent in her hometown of Northern California, providing the foundation for her upbringing and eventual journey into the world of makeup artistry, special effects, and puppeteering in the film industry.

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