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home Entertainment ITV Is Reportedly Mulling A Love Island Spin-Off Series Starring Contestants Tommy Fury And Curtis Pritchard

ITV Is Reportedly Mulling A Love Island Spin-Off Series Starring Contestants Tommy Fury And Curtis Pritchard

Published Mon Jul 01 2019 By David
ITV Is Reportedly Mulling A Love Island Spin-Off Series Starring Contestants Tommy Fury And Curtis Pritchard

Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard rumored to star in Love Island spin-off.

Reports are purporting that ITV is mirroring a Love Island spin-off series featuring contestants Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard.

As per Daily Star, the pair have inspired ITV heads to such an extent that a spin-off show following their endeavors is already in the pipeline, with the broadcaster allegedly believing they could be “the new Chris and Kem”

Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard reported to star in ITV's Love Island spin-off series. (Source: Daily Express)

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay were the sensational personas of Love Island 2017 and have become frequent ITV fixtures in the consequence, most prominently on their ITV2 game show You vs Chris & Kem.

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The program, which finished its second series in March and has yet to be renewed for a third, witnesses the pair contend with members of the public in a variety of amazing difficulties.

Tommy and Curtis, whose blooming fellowship resulted in a tearful affirmation of love and a brief kiss on the lips on Tuesday night’s episode, have become fan favorites since the beginning of the series, with one viral Tweet recommending they should get together to stash the show’s £50,000 award money for themselves.

Tommy and Tyson Fury are related as the latter is the Love Island star’s older brother.
Source: Metro

They have, however, also been blamed for intentionally impersonating the bro-mantic tension between Chris and Kem so as to secure post-Love Island work opportunities.

“Poundland Chris and Kem,” one fan kidded on Twitter. “Trying too hard. Painful viewing. Sorry but this looked totally a set up.”

In an explanation that may pour cold water over the recommended spin-off, an ITV delegate revealed to The Independent that there have been “no exchanges” about the pitched in the show.

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Meanwhile here’s what happened on the last episode of Love Island, 2019.

The girls went to Casa Amor and saw six new guys in last night's episode of Love Island, with Anna Vakili developing an instant crush for basketball player Ovie Soko.

Anna Vakilli and Ovie Soko (right). (Source: Daily Express)

Following a day out of the villa, the boys were astonished to make their return - only to discover out that six new divas had arrived.

While Danny Williams struggled to deal with the fact that Arabella Chi had been axed off, Amber Gill felt otherwise, saying: “I feel like the correct decision was made tonight.”

Maura Higgins reverberated similar words after her accomplice Tom Walker was also given the boot - and following several rows between the two, Maura wasn’t sad to see her partner’s departure.

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Elsewhere, Anton Danyluk and Lucie Donlan had a talk about her recent remarks concerning Tommy Fury, having previously advised Maura to “never say never” when inquired as to whether there was any opportunity she would, in any case, want to rekindle things with the boxer.

Lucie Donlan. (Source: Metro)  

Anton was quite vocal in telling Lucie that she should have been transparent with Tommy. Particularly since she’d been spared by the public, this was her chance to see if things could conceivably develop between the two.

The gym owner said: “You’ve taken a lot of risks in here, we could have gone home tonight, everything happens for a reason.”

The following day, Tommy received a text message revealing how the boys were set to depart the villa for a lads day out.

A while after, Maura also received a text, which informed: “Girls, you’re going on a mini break… get ready to leave the villa… And head to Casa Amor! #GirlsOnTour #BoyHi.”

The girls seemed psyched about leaving the main villa and joined by a number of new male counterparts.

The boys received a warm welcome from the ladies. Credit: ITV

Anna and Amber were concerned for that they could potentially end up without a partner once they were reunited with their Island partners.

Subsequent to celebrating their arrival at Casa Amor, the girls were joined by Caroline Flack, who welcomed the female Islanders to their new dorm.

But that wasn’t all: Six young hunks - Dennon Lewis, Dan Rose, Marvin Brooks, Stevie Bradley, George Rains, and Ovie - joined the women in Casa Amor, and it was only a matter of time before heads began turning.

Anna insinuated her romance with Jordan Hames could possibly be in peril. As such she said Ovie “was” so tall and handsome, ‘when I first came in’.

Meanwhile, six new girls entered the main villa. Credit: ITV

At the time, the two wasted no time getting to know one another, with Ovie making it 100% sure that Anna was definitely his type.

And while everyone was acclimating in Casa Amor, six new stunners had made their landing at the main villa - Belle Hassan, Joanna Chimonides, Jourdan Riane, Lavena Back, Nabila Badda, and Maria Wild.

So the questions for the next episode; will the boys be able to stay loyal to their Island partners while separated for the time being?