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Who James V. Reyes is Married to? Does He Have a Wife?

Published Tue Oct 13 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who James V. Reyes is Married to? Does He Have a Wife?

Is James V. Reyes Married? Here's what we know so far.

James V. Reyes, a name probably every American knows, at least people who love beer. James is the owner of Reyes Holdings LLC and serves as the Director of the Real Estate and Reyes Beer Division. 

James is responsible for Reyes' real estate portfolio, including 65 facilities and over six million square feet of office and distribution space in North Amerca. Just imagine the size, and work it entails!

But James' primary focus is on Reyes Beer division's business development activities. The businessman is also involved in all aspects of Reyes Holdings' real estate development activities.

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There's only a few we can tell about his overwhelming career prospect, so we will just drop talking about his career here, and focus on his personal life. The American Billionaire Businessman is popular for what he does, but how popular among ladies? Let's find out if he is married or single.

Does James V. Reyes Have a Wife?

By what it seems, James V. Reyes is single as of 2020. There are no reports that suggest James is in a relationship of any sort. But previously, the businessman was in a relationship with Laura Ingraham.

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The former couple was engaged in April of 2005. The two met on a blind date set by their friend and found an instant connection, however, things didn't work for too long and the former pair decided to go different ways.

Both James V Reyes and Laura Ingraham Were Previously Married

Both James Reyes and Laura Ingraham were married before they met each other. The two also share children from their previous marriage. It's not known how many children James has but Laura is blessed with three children from her previous marriage.

james v reyes wife girlfriend.

James Reyes and Laura Ingraham were engaged for a month.
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Laura made a shocking revelation when she was engaged to James. According to the reports, Ingraham was diagnosed with breast cancer. The television media personality underwent chemotherapy for a while, then also underwent successful surgery. But James and Laura broke their engagement after some time of her surgery.

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