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'Married at First Sight' star Jamie Otis Mourns the Anniversary of Son Jonathan's Death

Published Mon Dec 23 2019 By Kenshinpark
'Married at First Sight' star Jamie Otis Mourns the Anniversary of Son Jonathan's Death

Jamie Otis mourns the anniversary of the loss of her child - Jonathan. 

A wave of emotions is hitting the 'Married at First Sight' star, Jamie Otis. Jamie, who is currently pregnant with her third child, mourning her miscarriage. The star, who named her child - Jonathan, took to her Instagram account on 20th December, where she updated a touching post. 

On her post, Jamie wrote, "Our angel baby Johnathan turns 3 in heaven today. After three years, you'd think it wouldn't hurt as much. Time has numbed some of the pain, but anyone who assumes it can go away entirely must not know what it's like to deliver your lifeless son & hold him in your arms knowing your body failed him and didn't nurture & protect him to his due date."

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Otis further added, "I'll never forget meeting my firstborn baby. When I looked down to see him so tiny in my arms, I couldn't help but notice how bruised & beaten up he looked from early delivery."

Furthermore, sharing pictures of Doug Hehner and herself holding Jonathan said, "As a mommy, all you want to do is protect your baby and make sure they're happy and loved, but I will never get the chance to soothe my sweet Johnathan's cry by rocking him to sleep at night, or kiss his boo-boos 'all better,' or cuddle up to him when he sees a monster under the bed."

Moreover, Jamie said, "I'll never get to be a 'normal' mommy for him. The only mommy I can be is one who honors him, remembers him, and continues to *love* him from the earth until we meet again."

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Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner, are already parents to a daughter, Grace Henley. The couple is going through a lot after the loss of their second child. Previously Jamie also showed concerns over her pregnancy, and she is scared of possibly having cancer all while she is pregnant. But, we guess, and hope everything goes well for the family, and since Jamie is due in May 2020, we wish Otis and her family all the best wishes.

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