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Married at First Star Jamie Otis Shows Concerns Over Possibly Having Cancer

Published Sun Dec 08 2019 By Kenshinpark
Married at First Star Jamie Otis Shows Concerns Over Possibly Having Cancer

Married at First Sight star is worried about her health amidst her pregnancy.

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis is surrounded by worries when she should keep herself away from all the stress possible, as she is 17 weeks pregnant. But recently, Jamie found out something which she can't seem to keep her mind away from. And the whole thing is, in fact, worrisome.

Jamie taking to her Instagram account, revealed something which shocked all of us. Taking to her Instagram, Jamie said her recent report shows she could possibly have cancerous tissue.

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She wrote, "I went to the doc and heard my pap was bad & I have HPV. Although it sounds like an STD and I should freak the F out, I know this is somewhat common and not to be overly worried about. I was scheduled to have a colposcopy just to take a better look at the skin cells in my vagina. Also, not really a big deal as long as the doc doesn't see dysplasia...if she does then it could be a sign of early cancer... [or] it could be absolutely nothing."

Jamie added, "Buuut, I got the call today saying that my doc did see dysplasia & since I'm pregnant, we will have to wait to biopsy my cervix until after I have the baby," Jamie revealed in her post. The former Season 16 The Bachelor contestant went on to admit her head has been "all over the place" since finding out this news. Thoughts go from 'I'm sure I'm fine. I had this with Gracie too.' But then I can't help but wonder, 'What if?!' I've had two friends reach out to me. One was like, 'Oh, you'll be fine. So many friends had this.' Another said, 'I may have to have a hysterectomy after they found that in me bc I have actual cancer now.'"

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Jamie continued, "So I just have to wait until after I have the baby to really know what's going on inside me," Jamie noted, "but I'm just putting the positive vibes out there & praying & being so THANKFUL for my health. I couldn't help but think about all the women who are pregnant and find out super scary news like they actually do have cancer or a fatal disease and they're left with the tough decision: treat yourself while pregnant to save your life but risk losing the baby OR take your chances and postpone treatment to save your baby,"

Jamie shared, "I cannot even imagine having to make that decision. My heart goes out to those mamas. If you're one of them, I'm sending you SO MUCH LOVE."

Jamie and Doug Hehner, who share a daughter, Grace Hehner, are expecting a son, which the Married at First Sight star announced in September.

We hope everything goes fine with the couple, our best wishes with the family. For more information on your favorite celebrities' lifestyle, stay tuned to Glamour Fame, and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter.