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Jenelle Evans Had Nightmares Over Her Custody Battle

Published Sun Mar 08 2020 By Chester
Jenelle Evans Had Nightmares Over Her Custody Battle

Former Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans spills the traumatic experience of losing her children left her with 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.'

The moment after Jenelle Evan's estranged husband David Eason shot and killed their French Bulldog Nugget; the former Teen Mom star was sure of media outrage. However, she was unaware of the impacts could even lead to losing custody of their children.

The mother of three shared that shortly after the incident, the 'Child Protective Services', out of a sudden, took their kids away, not even visiting the house and comprehending the environment.

Sharing her traumatic experience on Hollywood Life's Podcast Evan confessed,

CPS didn't even come inside our house to check it out. After the agency received word alleging child abuse, neglect, and a filthy family home. Never called us, never came to check it out. No, they just left a note on my gate and then they called me and said, 'We took your son'.

Evans was at the grocery store over the time when the CPS agents grasped her children including 5-year-old son Kaiser born from Jenelle's former relationship. David was still uninformed about their kids taken away.

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Evans,28, and David,31, finally regained the custody of their children after going through long hectic court cases and lengthy court battles. But the experience left a toll on Evans as she admitted she was "crying every day".

Twenty-eight years old Jenelle's testimonies, the harrowing experience of losing a child brought her PTSD, and she often induces nightmares of her children taken away. Still, those words by Child Protective Services buzz into her head, "Give me your kids,' just for no reason. I've been trying my best to just be the best mom I can. So it just gives me PTSD."

Both the parents went to a co-parenting class, and David was even obliged to take an anger management class. Yes, we feel her; for a mother, her child is what really matters the most, than anything!

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Well, the good days are blossoming for the Evans family, and Jenelle is even making headlines for coming up with a brand new show after MTV refused to take her back in. Best wishes from our side.

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