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Jonah Hill Asking $10 Million to Play in Batman, Double of What Robert Pattinson is Making

Published Thu Sep 26 2019 By Travis
Jonah Hill Asking $10 Million to Play in Batman, Double of What Robert Pattinson is Making

Jonah Hill asking $10 million for an unspecified role in the upcoming Batman movies starring Robert Pattinson.

An unspecified role is on the table for Jonah Hill in the upcoming Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson as the titular character, for over a month now but the actor is still not even close to signing the deal. The stumbling block is the character the actor is being asked to play and also the amount he is asking to be part of the film.

According to Variety, the actor is asking in the range of $10 million to star in the movie which is mind-blowing on its own but is even more gobsmacking when you consider the fact the lead actor of the film is not even going to be paid half of what he is asking. The fat foul-mouthed kid from Superbad is asking for an eight-figure cheque to play a single character, who would’ve thought of it back then?

Jonah Hill with a bow-tie and suit.
Jonah Hill is reportedly asking for $10 million for an unspecified role in The Batman.

Source: Radio Times

The actor is said to be holding out on the deal to leverage as much as possible and get the money he rightful thinks he deserves. Jonah Hill is a bonafide movie star and considering he was paid on a scale for the amazing role in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' it seems the prestige and the acclaim he garnered for the role in the movie as well as other pictures from renowned producers seemingly working magic for the actor.

Jonah was paid $60,000 for his role in Wolf of Wall Street, and now he is ready to cash in on his Oscar nominations and the years of good buzz and press. The money is slightly higher for the Warner Bros. to really allow him his wish and considering the fact they need to cast other villains in the movie, $10 million tied up to one actor is only going to balloon the budget and increase the liabilities of the film.

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Another stumbling block for the film to star Jonah Hill in it is the character he wants to play in the movie. Most people are thinking him in the 'Penguin' role, but the actor is reportedly seeing himself playing the role of Riddler. There is obvious reason why he doesn’t want to play the character of Penguin, the character is historically fat, and over the years, Jonah Hill is making an effort to move away from the fat-funny guy roles he used to get offered, and it is understandable after the sizable weight loss he went through, the actor not wanting to put on weight for one single movie.

But if he were to do it, then the producers and the studio need to play him. Most fans on the internet were not seeing the actor as 'Riddler' with almost everyone saying he should play the character of Penguin. This the exact type of typecasting he wants to avoid in his career moving forward, and after two Oscar nominations, the actor is probably looking forward to being taken seriously.

Riddler photoshop with Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill wants to play the character of Riddler in the upcoming The Batman movie.

Source: New York Post

'The Batman' is set for 25 June 2021 release with Gareth Edwards directing and Robert Pattinson playing the iconic role. There are rumors more than five villains will be coming after Batman in his younger days, which means more actors are still to be hired. Nicki Minaj threw her hat in for the role of Catwoman, so, exciting times DCEU fans.

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