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Kinsey Wolanski Expresses Her Fondness For Sports While Vitaly Can't Stop Admiring His Girlfriend

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
Kinsey Wolanski Expresses Her Fondness For Sports While Vitaly Can't Stop Admiring His Girlfriend

Kinsey loves sports and she is showing her love for one particular sport while Vitaly is gushing over the ability of his girlfriend!

Kinsey is currently on her birthday weekend vacation, and the whole gang is currently enjoying the time of their lives. Living in a cabin near the water with all the people who love Kinsey seems to be the best way for her to celebrate her birthday.

Vitaly took the whole gang to a destination birthday celebration, and he spared no expenses while renting a private plane for her birthday. Then he gifted an expensive Cartier ring which Kinsey wore on her middle finger. Vitaly also posted a beautiful caption on a few photos of the two lovebird’s relationship over their almost two-year-long relationship.

While on vacation though the whole crew is enjoying the time of their lives with Kinsey taking to the water to water ski while a boat is holding all of her friends are taking pictures.

In the story posted on Kinsey’s Instagram page, she wrote, “Sports are my thing,” with Kinsey holding a long rope and the boat dragging her while she is on a skiing board.

Kinsey Wolanski instagram story screenshot.
Kinsey water skiis while being tugged by a boat during her birthday weekend.

Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

Kinsey is leaning to her left and getting herself as much of an angle as she can, and when the tides slowed a little on her side, she used her left-leaning momentum to carry herself over the wave made by the boat. She goes at full speed over the tide and covers a distance of about two feet and a jump height of about three.

This is not the first time Kinsey took an affinity towards doing stunts; she also recently posted a video of herself using a dirt bike and doing wheelie and donuts on the bike. She is not just a streaking pitch invader, Kinsey loves sports, and she seems to show enough aptitude for it.

Kinsey did the stunt, but Vitaly was the one who was wowed he posted a story on his Instagram page where the prankster wrote, “What can’t you do?” with a loving emoji at the end. The man seems to be gushing over his girlfriend’s ability to do anything she wants to do. Kinsey also shared Vitaly’s story on her page where he can be heard saying “Yeah! She got it.”

The couple was out celebrating the 23rd birthday of Kinsey which was on 30th August 2019 with Vitaly arranging for a surprise birthday party in Tahoe while making Kinsey think they were going to Reno for a work engagement.

Vitaly Instagram story.
Vitaly gushes over the many facets of his girlfriends talents on his Instagram page.

Source: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Instagram

The almost-two-year-old couple seems so in love with each passing day, and at this point, only a marriage proposal is left for the prankster. The two are in love, and they are great together, Vitaly already gave her a Cartier ring for her birthday, and now it seems like the perfect time for the owner of Vitaly Uncensored to go for diamond ring shopping. The couple’s two years anniversary is near, and it would be the ideal time for Vitaly to get on one knee and pop the question.