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What is Lane Kiffin's Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Earnings and Salary

Published Sat Sep 04 2021 By shirayoky
What is Lane Kiffin's Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Earnings and Salary

How much does Lane Kiffin earn? Learn all the Exclusive details here.

Lane Monte Kiffin (born May 9, 1975) Lincoln, Nebraska, is a football coach and former player. He is currently serving as a head football coach at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

Lane Kiffin married Layla Reaves in 2004. After 12 years of being together, they decided to part ways for citing irreconcilable differences. Lane Kiffin is not dating anyone as of 2021. Lately, many fans are curious about his net worth and career; read ahead to know.

What is Lane Kiffin's Net Worth as of 2021?

According to MDDaily Record, Lane Kiffin's networth is estimated to be $10 million as of 2021. Не accumulated that much nеt wоrth frоm hіѕ соасhіng саrееr and as a former football player too.

Lane Kiffin's networth is estimated around $10 million.

Lane Kiffin holds a staggering networth of $10 million.
Photo Source: The Spun

In 2017, Kiffin was named the Oakland Raiders head coach at 31 but lasted only 20 games before being fired initially. Kiffin spent one year at Tennessee back in 2009 and with a Volunteers record of 7-6.

Afterward, Kiffin left Knoxville for Los Angeles and coached the Trojans from 2010 to 2013. Likewise, Florida Atlantic hired Lane Kiffin as its next head coach in December back in 2016. Then, Kiffin signed a deal of five years worth $4.75 million that paid him $950,000 based on the salary of each season.

Kiffin also made $1.4 million in Alabama in 2016. Undeniably, The pay cut he took to become a head coach again became worth it.
In the contract Kiffin initially signed with Ole Miss in 2019, Kiffin made $3.9 million for 2020 and then added an extra $100,000 every year until 2023, which make him set a sum of $4.2 million.

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The bonuses attached to Kiffin's term condition sheet are the same as his first contract. He still received a $150,000 compensation for every SEC win starting with the fifth season and $100,000 for every regular-season nonconference win over a five-powerful opponent. 

Additionally, earn the same bonuses for making ($150,000) or winning ($400,000) the SEC championship game. 
Kiffin, who is under a contract of Ole Miss through 2024, is set to make $4.5 million in 2021 with a retention bonus of $500,000, that is if he is still Ole Miss' coach on Dec. 31. He will then earn $5.25 million in 2022, $5.5 million in 2023, and $5.75 million in 2024. 

Lane Kiffin's Weight Loss Journey

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin looked in the mirror and didn't like where it was heading. Then, he decided to lose some weight, starting with losing 30 pounds over the offseason. 

Lane Kiffin's weight-loss journey helped him lose over 30 pounds.

Lane Kiffin loses 30 pounds after the bowl game in the off-season.
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It's all part of holding himself and his players accountable if they want to become a consistent winner in the brutal SEC. "Last year, I saw a picture of myself at the bowl game and told the players I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer, and the deer got stuck in its neck." 

After the bowl, the coach dropped 30 pounds in the off-season. Kiffin said to ESPN. "Back in January,  I am in postseason meetings telling my offensive linemen and other guys that they needed to eat better, lose weight, get in better shape, which is the right choice for the team and himself. 

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Kiffin also challenged his assistant coaches to a weight loss competition to prove his point. His weight loss falls under the Rebels' more significant pursuit of increased accountability in his second year in charge, recently epitomized by the 100% COVID-19 vaccination rate within the Ole Miss football.

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