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Married at First Sight: Greg Admits To Initial 'Shock And Confusion' At Wife Deonna's Unbelievable Revelation

Published Fri Jul 05 2019 By David
Married at First Sight: Greg Admits To Initial 'Shock And Confusion' At Wife Deonna's Unbelievable Revelation

'Married at First Sight': Greg admits to starting 'Shock and Confusion' at better half, Deonna's relationship bombshell.

When 'Married at First Sight's' Greg Okotie first discovered his new wife, Deonna McNeill, hadn't been in a romantic relationship for a decade before she got married to a complete stranger, he was truly somewhat nervous at what the future would hold for them.

Ahead of Wednesday's all-new episode of the "Lifetime" reality series (ventured by Kinetic Content), Greg opened up to about his adventure with Deonna throughout the season, starting with the "big moan of relief" he took after seeing her for the first time, walking down the walkaway to say, "I do."

Married At First Sight star, Greg Otokie opened up about his journney with Deonna throughout the season. (Source: Reality Tv World)

Okotie said Deonna was/is absolutely beautiful and that he loved her initial smile when they had locked their eyes. Once he found out that he got matched, one of his major thoughts were attractiveness and was super nervous minutes before he saw her, but that all went away when she turned that corner, said Greg Okotie.

With satisfactory physical chemistry, Greg was quickly thrown for another loop when Deonna told him she had been single for 10 years, choosing rather to date herself.

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Greg admitted his initial thoughts were shocking and confusing and he was not sure if Deonna had the experience to get married. According to Otokie, marriage is not something of an impossible but one learns a great deal from a previous relationship – a different type of growth that is attained than being single for so long. 

Greg Otokie was not sure if Deonna had the enough experience to get married. (Source: Lifetime)

Otokie claims of knowing the fact that a new wedding would always take a lot of patience going forward and he is ready to try his best to understand Deonna's starting point.

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Working through the first couple of months of their unusual wedding, Greg said that patience was one of the biggest factors he had, making sure not to reveal the decision he and Deonna made on D Day.

Greg realized he had to be patient with Deonna and understands she was not starting at the same place he was with regards to vulnerability.

The groom said there will always be different stages of growth in a marriage, and people will need patience and understanding to navigate through them. These traits really stood out to him and the ones that he had to constantly work on as he went through the experience.

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Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.