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home Entertainment Married At First Sight Star Tracey Jewelwas Ordered To Pay More Than $20,000 To Ex-Boyfriend Patrick Kedemos

Married At First Sight Star Tracey Jewelwas Ordered To Pay More Than $20,000 To Ex-Boyfriend Patrick Kedemos

Published Sun Jun 23 2019 By David
Married At First Sight Star Tracey Jewelwas Ordered To Pay More Than $20,000 To Ex-Boyfriend Patrick Kedemos

Married At First Sight star Tracey Jewel adjured to pay ex $20k.

Last Friday, MAFST Tracey Jewel was sentenced to pay more than $20,000 to her ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos, in addition to 6 percent interest and legal fees, in Perth Magistrate’s Court. 

Investment banker Kedemos, who portrays the judgment as “a moral victory,” had lent the sum to Jewel a year ago, after she cried she was broke and he had felt sorry for her. The couple split up following a disastrous trip to Berlin in July 2018.

MAFS' Tracey Jewel slams ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos (right) for taking her to court for failing to repay $20,000 'business loan.
SOURCE: Instagram 

Emails that shaped part of the application revealed that Jewel had offered Kedemos a section installment plan of $250 a month in March, asserting she was unfit to work because of “ongoing mental health problems.” The messages also stated she had an obligation debt arrangement with two other creditors and that her retired guardians were financially aiding her.

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“If Patrick won’t accept a payment plan then I have no choice but to file bankruptcy ... I will start these proceedings on Monday — does Patrick understand if I do that he won’t be paid at all,” Jewel, 36, sent to his lawyer.

Kedemos denied the offer on March 26.

Jewel told Confidential, on Friday, she had been vacationing in the US with her new boyfriend Nathan Constable since May 29 and was only informed of Kedemos’ application on June 10, so was incapable to shield it.

Amid the legal issues, Tracey continues to update her fans on her US holiday with new boyfriend Nathan.
SOURCE: Instagram 

Jewel and Constable have been sharing photos of themselves via social media all through the outing, including dining at a Michelin star restaurant in New York, sipping on drinks at bars, sitting by the pool and wandering around the Disney World Resort.

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“Hands down the holiday of my dreams,” she captioned in one post, before pointing the fact that she was not “in a situation” to have an adventure with her daughter, Grace.

Jewel dedicated the post to her little girl writing ‘I’m in a situation that doesn’t allow me to travel with her internationally and I’m sure a lot of divorced families can have a semblance to my situation.”

Jewel has recently emerged out as the director of a new fitness business, in which she has a 33 percent share. She said she would not announce bankruptcy and intends to appeal the official’s judgment.

As for the lawsuit set against by her ex, Tracey revealed she has been trying to make a deal to repay the sum which was initially filed in August 2018. She said she has been trying to reason with him through his lawyer and offered him $5000 and $10,000, plus a repayment plan, all of which weren't accepted or replied to.

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Jewel explained of being surprised in finding out about the whole court thing.