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Matthew McConaughey Becomes Co-Owner Of Austin FC - Here's How The Fans Reacted!

Published Mon Aug 26 2019 By Travis
Matthew McConaughey Becomes Co-Owner Of Austin FC - Here's How The Fans Reacted!

Matthew McConaughey is owning a Austin soccer team and fans were excited to irritated.

Austin is the 11th biggest city, in terms of population, in America and to this date, there’s never been a single professional sports team operating in the city. No NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA team ever arrived in the Austin city to play some professional sport. But it all changed when Major League Soccer expansion team was announced to be coming to Austin.

The team, aptly named Austin FC will play their first game in 2021, and Matthew McConaughey owns a part share in his hometown team. Matthew is among three other part-owners, Marius Hass, Eddie Margain and Bryan Sheffield, who are joining the majority partner Anthony Precourt.

All four new owners of the team took to the stage after Precourt announced, “It is my privilege to welcome my new partners to Austin FC.” McConaughey took to the stage and Precourt continued, “This group knows and loves the city of Austin and the beautiful game. I can’t think of anyone better to help us realize our ambitions as a soccer club for this entire community.”

When the time came for McConaughey to speak, he said, “This is about legacy for me. I’m at a time in my life where I don’t want to spend time and money on things that I don’t look forward to doing on Monday morning.”

Matthew McConaughey.
Matthew McConaughey is the part owner of Austin FC.

Source: Mirror

Most of the fans on Twitter were supportive of the idea of Matthew owning a team but some were warning him about the majority owner Precourt as well as being indifferent to the news. Here are some of the fan reactions to the news;

The new team will play in a $240 million multi-purpose soccer stadium, which was controversial when the building process was starting. This was one of the most city-friendly deals received by a host in one of these stadium deals where most of the money for the stadium was put up by a private corporation.

Austin FC is one of the expansion teams in the upcoming season of MLS as the league is trying to step up the marketing and ratchet up the league to go for the two most-watched soccer league in America. Liga MX and Premier League were drastically ahead of MLS in their bid to make soccer relevant in America. Now, driving a team into one of the biggest markets and an untapped market for that matter is a way for the league to try and close the gap between the MLS and Premier League.

Camila Alves.
Camila Alves kicked the soccer ball around with her husband.

Source: Mirror

It seems the announcement of the team worked because Austin FC received deposits for a massive 30,000 season tickets and the club’s new stadium only hold 20,500 seats. The extra 10,000 are just giving the money to be on the waiting list, and it seems the club will be a success in the home town of Matthew.

During his talk, Matthew said, “Austin FC is more than a quality investment for Austin, it’s a quality investment in Austin. The most diverse and borderless game in the world is now coming to one of the most multi-cultural, creative, and diverse cities in the world. Austin FC is a healthy investment in our city’s culture and future.”

Camila and Matthew.
Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey were together to usher in their new business venture.

Source: Mirror

The Oscars winner was accompanied at the event by his wife Camila Alves, and the two kicked a soccer ball around on the stage and were in on the fun and the festivities of the announcement. Camila Alves and Matthew share three kids between them, left Los Angeles eight years ago to move to Austin, Matthew’s birthplace.

Matthew McConaughey just finished filming the Guy Ritchie’s film ‘The Gentleman,’ and he will also voice a character in the upcoming sequel of the hit movie 'Sing'. With the type of net worth Matthew’s garnered over the years, it is no wonder he was able to invest in a soccer team, but it wasn’t also only about money. Matthew grew up in Austin, and he wanted to bring a professional team to Austin so good luck on the business venture and for the future of the team.