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Who is Misty Loman? Some Facts to Know About the Internet-Famous Personality for Meth Progression Mugshots

Published Mon Mar 30 2020 By Bran
Who is Misty Loman? Some Facts to Know About the Internet-Famous Personality for Meth Progression Mugshots

Misty Loman broke the internet with a series of mugshots back in 2019. Here are some intriguing facts about the diva.

Misty Loman is the internet personality that went viral in 2019, when a Wisconsin sheriff, Adam Bieber, posted her mugshots on his Facebook page. While many of the online communities consider her the face of meth use, she got even more famous after getting arrested in July 2019.

The series of mugshot pictures were posted to discourage all the meth addicts or the ones who look to try to be cool among their friends. Since she was in a dreadful appearance in the pictures, it took no time for her to get famous, although in not so preferable way. While a few supported her, the major part of the community showed no favor and gave hateful comments in the post which was shared more than 30,000 times. Well, like every movie character, there is an intriguing backstory in Loman's life. So, without wasting much time, let's find out.

Loman: A Married Woman and A Mother

Yes, you heard it right, the meth addict, Misty Loman, is a married woman. She tied the knot with husband Gary Glass Jr. way back, making her identity Misty Glass. With all the controversy and addiction, it is unsure whether she is still married to her beau or not.

Misty Loman poses for a picture after getting arrested.

Misty Loman got viral in July 2019 after a sheriff posted her mugshots online.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Throughout her married life, she experienced some significant milestones and moments, including her two adorable children, named Corey Glass and Jacob Glass. While she was active on social media, she used to post pictures with her sons, which reflects how she is on good terms with her offspring at least, if not with her husband. 

Loman Lost Three Children in Past

There is a hard past in the life of Misty Loman, and it doesn't seem like she will ever forget them. The married woman lost three babies. Although none of the losses were because of her drug addiction, it might be the reason to trigger her more into them instead.


Misty Loman in a white top poses for a picture.

Misty Loman is married to Gary Glass Jr.
Photo Source: Imgur

The mother of two suffered those heartbreaks shortly after getting married. Firstly, she lost her first child, who was stillborn. Similarly, the next time she was pregnant with the twins, which didn't end well too. Unfortunately, one of the twins died in her womb itself while another lost its life after a month of birth. 

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For a woman, nothing could be more heartbreaking than this, and Loman suffered from severe depression and trauma following the unfortunate demise of her children.

She is Battling Cancer

Besides drug addiction, there are plenty of health-related issues that Misty Loman is currently battling. While the meth addict got her enough media attention and sympathy, many are unaware of the fact that she has bone cancer.

Misty Lorman's mugshot at the jail.

Misty Loman's appearance degraded after suffering from scleroderma.
Photo Source: WNKY

Not just the bone cancer, she also suffers from the conditions of lupus and scleroderma. Furthermore, she did do chemotherapies for bone cancer, which later resulted in her hair falling out. 

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Similarly, the internet sensation also suffers from scleroderma, which causes her skin and connective tissues to harden. Since it affects women of her age, reports claim that the condition is also one of the major factors behind her gaunt appearance, not her meth addiction.

Arrested for Drug Use in 2005

The July 2019 arrest wasn't the first instance when Misty Loman got herself behind bars. In fact, she has been a regular customer to the cops and got in trouble several times on the drug-related charges. One of her earliest visits to the jail was way back in 2005 when she was at the young age of 26.

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Loman got herself in trouble after named in felony warrants on charges of first-degree manufacturing methamphetamine. Furthermore, she was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana in Hopkins County.

A transformation picture of Misty Loman before and after meth addiction.

Misty was arrested in July 2019 for meth addiction.
Photo Source: Arrest

Misty, the alleged face of meth addiction, went behind bars on July 2, 2019, and had a bail set at $1000. With so much trouble already looming in her life, there are high odds of whether she will overturn her dramatic life. Let's hope she does!

And, as reported by WNKY in July 2019, Misty was later kept at Warren County Regional Jail after suspicious methamphetamine was discovered in her bags. However, Misty told the officers that it was Zofran and that they were crushed. And, other reports have mentioned that Misty has been doing well in her recovery after she was provided help and the treatment she needed. At present, she seems happy surrounded by her close ones and family. It's a good thing that she turned back and got rid of her dark past. We wish her all the best in the coming days as well!  

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