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Mr. Las Vegas' Bankroll: Wayne Newton's Net Worth Through the Years

Published Tue Oct 10 2023 By Bsgurung
Mr. Las Vegas' Bankroll: Wayne Newton's Net Worth Through the Years

Wayne Newton, born on April 3, 1942, in Norfolk, Virginia, is a renowned American singer, actor, and entertainer with a career spanning over six decades. Often referred to as "Mr. Las Vegas" due to his close association with the city, Newton has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. 

He gained fame in the 1960s with hits like "Danke Schoen" and "Red Roses for a Blue Lady." His smooth voice and charismatic stage presence have made him a beloved performer in the world of live entertainment. Beyond his music career, Newton has also appeared in films and television, solidifying his status as an iconic entertainer. 

Wayne Newton's Net Worth in 2023

Wayne Newton, the American singer, actor, and entertainer, boasts a substantial net worth of $50 million. His fame rests on a dual foundation: chart-topping musical hits like "Danke Schoen" and "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast," and a remarkable series of more than 30,000 sold-out Las Vegas performances. 

Wayne Newton has net worth of $50 Million
Image: Wayne Newton performing live. Source: Bright Spot

Despite facing financial turbulence with bankruptcy filings in 1992 and a brush with it in 2010, Newton has successfully rebounded. Presently, he enjoys an annual income estimated at over $1.5 million, showcasing his resilience and enduring appeal in the world of entertainment and live shows.

Wayne Newton Was Bankrupt

Wayne Newton's financial journey has seen ups and downs. In 1992, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reorganizing $20 million in debts, largely incurred during a lawsuit against NBC for defamation. He accused NBC of suggesting he collaborated with the Mafia to buy the Aladdin Hotel. 

This bankruptcy also included a $341,000 IRS tax lien. By 1999, he had made a financial recovery. However, in August 2005, the IRS pursued a lawsuit, asserting he and his wife owed over $1.8 million in taxes and penalties. 

Furthermore, in 2009, Newton faced allegations of unpaid parking fees exceeding $60,000 at Oakland County Airport, where he abandoned a $2 million private plane, rendered unusable due to mold from nonpayment of monthly parking fees, which were $5,000.

Wayne Newton Multimillion House

Wayne Newton's extravagant estate, "Casa de Shenandoah," in Paradise, Nevada, spanned 39 acres and housed an 11,000 square-foot mansion, built in 1978, at a cost of $4 million (equivalent to $15 million today). 

He designed it after the Tara plantation from "Gone with the Wind." With his family and 70 staff, the property featured a zoo with Arabian horses, wallabies, flamingos, and monkeys, though some lawsuits arose due to monkey bites. 

It also harbored stray pets dropped off by locals, an equestrian facility for over 100 horses, an exercise pool, a jumbo jet terminal, a car museum, a heliport, and more, reflecting Wayne's opulent lifestyle.

His Other Homes and Property

In 2010, Wayne Newton sold 80% of his "Casa de Shenandoah" estate for $20 million as part of a bankruptcy restructuring, with plans to transform it into a theme park. Numerous lawsuits emerged, mostly from locals concerned about increased traffic. 

Another lawsuit arose when Wayne refused to vacate the property. The theme park idea was eventually abandoned, and the property was unsuccessfully listed for sale at various prices. In 2019, Wayne's attempt to repurchase the estate for $6 million was declined, and it was sold to Smoketree LLC for $5.56 million

In August 2019, he filed a lawsuit to reclaim personal items, art, and animals, also asserting ownership of the "Casa Shenandoah" name. In 2013, Wayne and his wife purchased a new 10-acre property nearby for $8 million.

Wayne Newton Hits

Wayne Newton rose to prominence as a Las Vegas entertainment icon after Elvis Presley's passing and the aging of the Rat Pack members. In the 1970s, he held extended performances at venues like the Desert Inn, The Frontier, and Sands Hotel and Casino, setting records for audience numbers during his peak. 

Wayne Newton is a singer
Image: Wayne Newton is an American singer and actor. Source: Desplainestheatre

Known as the biggest moneymaker in Vegas history, he outperformed even Elvis and Sinatra. His marathon three-hour shows were a Vegas hallmark. Newton's hit song "Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast" reached No. 4 in the US and topped the charts in Australia and Canada in 1972. 

He also became part of special events, including performing on the National Mall for an Independence Day celebration in 1983. Over the years, he continued to headline various Las Vegas casinos, and in 1999, he signed a groundbreaking 10-year residency deal at the Stardust.

Wayne Newton Las Vegas

Wayne Newton continued his Las Vegas performances and became a prominent figure representing the city. He hosted a reality show, "The Entertainer," in 2005, and appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007. After a hiatus in 2010, he returned to the stage in 2016 with a lounge show at Bally's Hotel. 

In 2019, he celebrated his 60th year on stage with a show at Caesars Palace. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he served as a spokesperson for Caesars Entertainment. In 2022, he announced the Las Vegas Raiders' draft pick during the NFL Draft alongside Marcus Allen.

Philanthropic Deeds

Wayne Newton has been actively involved in charitable and community work. He participated in the production of "You Can't Say Love Enough" in 1996, raising funds for diabetes research. This effort led to the creation of the Wayne Newton Research Grant by the American Diabetes Association. 

In 2001, he took over as chairman of the United Service Organizations Celebrity Circle, supporting the U.S. Armed Forces. Newton was also recognized for his public service with a Woodrow Wilson Award in 2008, honoring his contributions to the community.

Wayne Newton's Wife and Kids

Wayne Newton's current wife is Kathleen McCrone, a lawyer from North Olmsted, Ohio, whom he married on April 9, 1994. While McCrone keeps a low profile on social media, Wayne Newton occasionally shares pictures of her on Instagram. 

Wayne Newton wife
Image: Wayne Newton with his wife, Kathleen McCrone together. Source: Review Journal

McCrone has also appeared on TV shows like The Bachelorette, Celebrity Family Feud, and Biography. Prior to Kathleen, Wayne Newton was married to Elaine Okamura, from June 1, 1968, until 1985. 

They got engaged on December 25, 1967, and had a wedding at the Flamingo Hotel. Since their divorce, Okamura has maintained a private life, staying away from the public eye, with little information available about her current whereabouts or activities.

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