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Netflix Revealed Some Mind-Blowing Stranger Things Facts!

Published Sun Jul 14 2019 By David
Netflix Revealed Some Mind-Blowing Stranger Things Facts!

Netflix recently shared ten facts about Stranger Things that fans might have hardly heard before, and some of them are quite shocking. 

The streaming giant officially made the facts avail to the viewers captioning the images: “Stranger Things facts brought to you straight from The Upside Down.”

How they persuaded a child to shave her head?

Source: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown was shown images of Charlize Theron in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' so as to convince her to go tonsure.

A Different Title

Source: Netflix

Stranger Things was initially going to be labeled ‘Montauk’ and set on Long Island, NY.

Matarazzo In A Different Role 

Source: Netflix

Gaten Matarazzo, who portrays 'Dustin,' originally pitched in to play the role of Mike.

Sadie Sink Less Stranger Things

Source: Netflix

Sadie Sink was almost not included in the series because she was too tall, but the boys developed in time to match her stature.

Demogorgon Reality

Source: Netflix 

There was actually a person inside the season 1 Demogorgon.

Finn Wolfhard

Source: Netflix

Finn Wolfhard, who assumes 'Mike,' was ill during the auditions and was actually tested from his bed.

The Upside Down

Source: Netflix 

The Upside Down was originally tag-lined ‘Nether,’ but they got so used to referring it The Upside Down on set that it eventually became an ultimate theme.


Source: Netflix

Priah Ferguson, who renders Erica, was supposed to have a minor role in season 1, but the team adored her so much that they kept reviving her back.

How Many Kids Did It Take?

Source: Netflix 

The Duffer brothers went through over 1,000 kids before deciding the main casts.

Gaten's Tone

Source: Netflix 

'Gaten’s' voice fluctuated so much during the first season; the consequence of which made him unable to do additional recordings after filming.

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Stranger Things Season 3 sees the Netflix series’ biggest-ever battle. As a matter of fact, it broke records after premiering on Netflix on July 4. In the first four days of release, the show was viewed by 40 million+ accounts.

Strangers Things season 3 ended with two characters dying in the final battle of Starcourt Mall. The season also featured a stinger scene that left things open-ended for another series.

Stranger Things season 3 lured 40 million+ viewers during its first four days of premiere. (Source: People)

The recent installment saw the cast battle it out against the spider monster the Mind Flayer had created out of the assembled goo of numerous humans and rats.

The final episode begins with Eleven pulling the goo out of her leg as 'Joyce' (Winona Ryder), 'Hopper' (David Harbour) and 'Murray' (Brett Gelman) show up at Starcourt Mall.

Meanwhile, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Erica (Priah Ferguson) head to their makeshift radio mast Cerebro to guide the adults into the Russian facility where they can close the gate, while Jonathan and Nancy escorted the other kids to safety.

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At the Russian base, Hopper pins down the guards and steal their uniforms.

Nancy and Jonathan discovered the car did not work, just as Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is revving up ready to thrust them, so the kids rush back to the mall to avoid him.

In the mall, Eleven realizes her powers are not working after she got rid of the creature from the body, which is a huge problem as the monster begins to intrude through the mall roof.

At the vault, they cannot get to the laser as they are unaware of the Planck’s constant, the required code on the door.

This needs Dustin to contact 'Suzie' (Gabriella Pizzolo), his girlfriend everyone presumed was fake.

Suzie; the presumed girlfriend of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). (Source: IGN)

After persuading him to join her in a duet of ‘The Never-Ending Story,’ Suzie finally tells him the number.

Billy confronts Eleven and tries to kill her, but she manages to stop him by reminding him of his humanity via flashbacks of his mother. This helps him getting out of his possessed state just in time for him to sacrifice himself by standing in between the monster and Eleven.

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Hopper also trades his life by allowing Joyce to turn the keys to close the gate while he is in the room with the laser.

Joyce hits the machine, blocking the gate and leaving the monster turned into goo.

The time then hops three months ahead. Joyce is getting ready to leave Hawkins with the rest of the Byers family and Eleven, who is now living with them after the demise of her foster-father Hopper, who has left a note to her and Mike.

Mike and Eleven confess their feelings to each other.

The episode then shows a post-credit scene set in a Russian base where we see some mysterious person called “The American” being taken to a Demogorgon.