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Fans Convinced They’ve Already ‘Worked Out Season 4 Twist’ In Strangers Things

Published Wed Jul 10 2019 By David
Fans Convinced They’ve Already ‘Worked Out Season 4 Twist’ In Strangers Things

Stranger Things fans convinced they’ve already ‘figured out season 4 twist.’

As we bid adieu to another season of 'Stranger Things,' the series is once again preparing to turn our world upside down with the inevitable Season 4. While there may be a bit of a hold up before we tune in to discover out what happens next for the likes of 'Joyce' (Winona Ryder), 'Will' (Noah Schnapp), and 'Eleven' (Millie Bobby Brown), things are looking pretty dismal for 'Jim Hopper' (David Harbour).

'The Hellboy' star has made a name for himself as the crotchety Hawkins Chief of Police, but have the Duffer Brothers really done the unimaginable and slashed off Daddy Jim?

Fans Speculate Jim Hopper may still be alive in Stranger Things. (Source: Monsters and Critics)

“The Battle of Starcourt” finished with Ryder’s Joyce ticking off the machine to the blast that had kept the gate to the murky Upside Down open. Jim’s fate was apparently sealed as he was (presumably) turned to dust close by the abhorrent Russians. However, some hardcore viewers think they’ve figured out Season 4’s big contort.

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In classic Marvel Cinematic Universe style, Stranger Things conveyed a stunning post-credits scene that gave Hopper a hopeful silver lining but still a frightening one. As such some tricky Russians examined ongoing events, they made reference to “The American” imprisoned in a cell.

The post credit scene of Starnger Things season 3 saw some unidentified American being taken to the Demogorgon. (Source: TV Insider)

Could Jim be having a little excursion against the cold scenery of the Soviet? Assuming Grigori is as often as possible alluded to Jim as “The American,” it isn’t too much of a leap to make.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Matt Duffer said: “You definitely should not assume anything. The line that Russian guard said is purposely intended to spark debate. We need people to ask the very questions that you’re asking.”

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In an interview with SlashFilm, David Harbour also appears to have verified that Hopper is the American locked away in the Russian facility.

The SlashFilm story says: 'I straight-up questioned: is that Hopper behind the cell? According to Harbour, that’s probably the scenario. Throughout the season, the main Russian baddie relates to Hopper as ‘the American,’ and having another Russian refer to the mysterious inmate, in a similar way, was the big promotional leak.'

David Harbour is also positive about Jim Hopper being alive in Stranger Things. (Source: Vulture)

Ross Duffer affirms the post-credit scene where an unidentified American in the cell and then the thing with the Demogorgon is, in fact, a tease for what's coming.

That said, the linkage between “The American” and Jim could be excessively self-evident. For what it’s worth, a superior twist would be a time jump that sees Joyce doing time for her crime (something that hasn’t been revealed as of yet) in a cell, sparing the big reveal that Jim is alive and kicking for much afterward in Season 4.

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Elsewhere, some perceive “The American” is Dr. Brenner. After unintentionally releasing the Demogorgon back in Season 1, Brenner appeared to confront his maker at the mouth of that murderous beast. Given that we never saw Brenner kick the bucket, he’s another presumable candidate to be “The American.”

Honestly, nobody seems to be buying the fact that Hopper is done with the people of Hawkins, but everything seems a little easy right now. One thing’s for sure, the Duffers aren’t going to let Harbour going anyplace just yet.

Netflix is yet to announce the official renewal of Stranger Things. Nevertheless, the chances seem pretty good. According to Netflix, the show’s third installment was the most successful four-day premiere the streaming service has ever witnessed. What’s more, both producer Shawn Levy and creators Matt and Ross Duffer have discussed about the show getting a fourth season in the past.

In a 2017 interview with New York Magazine, the Duffers teased by saying “we’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out.” But since then, Levy and the Duffers have stated that there is a possibility of a season 5, and not to expect anything after that. So, based on what these three have been citing, it looks like if season 4 isn’t the ultimate, there will only be one more adventure back to Hawkins after it.