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The New Flavor Of Diet Coke Is A ‘Fruity’ Addition To Your Fridge

Published Wed Apr 17 2019 By Chester
The New Flavor Of Diet Coke Is A ‘Fruity’ Addition To Your Fridge

Summer Drink alert, Coco-Cola launches two new fuzzy fruity flavors which are definitely going to fill up your fridge!

Surprising news for all the Coca-Cola lovers as a new fuzzy taste with delicious strawberry and Blueberry flavor is sure to fly off shelves.

Yes, the brand has come up with an incredible two new flavors to bless you this summer. The two new interesting new flavor includes 'Strawberry guava' and 'Blueberry acai'. 

These two new flavors will be joining the fruit family from their recently introduced flavors in January 2018 which includes Giner Lime and Feisty Cherry.

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The 19th-century company announced the news on Wednesday. The new diet coke is sure to bring us with desirous thirst with new refreshing new flavors this summer.

The prices of the coke will start from £1 for a 1.25L bottle and £2 pack of four 330ml cans.

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Well, the feedback for the products is awesome as the new flavors were desperately loved by Diet coke lovers. 

So what do the new fruit flavors actually taste like?

"I really like Diet Coke. Maybe these flavors are meant to appeal to people who don't like Diet Coke? It's very sweet," one taster said of the blueberry flavor before adding that it tasted like grape soda mixed with Coke. Many tasters echoed that sentiment with one admitting, "It's like fruity, bubbly cough syrup."

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