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Penn Badgley Weight Loss Story in Full

Published Mon Dec 30 2019 By Sea
Penn Badgley Weight Loss Story in Full

So, okay. 'Joe Goldberg', in that Netflix drama 'You', is definitely creepy. Do you think Penn Badgley had to go to extreme lengths to justify his character on the show? Perhaps he was asked to go through a weight loss phase just to look that creepy?

Of course, he had to. While filming for the second season, he confessed he had to do these gross, disgusting thing to prosthetic bodies on the set. But about weight loss, he's probably not going to speak about it despite looking so skinny that fans think there's seriously something going on with him.

Badgley is your average creepy Joe. By the way, was there a little weight loss in there?

Badgley is your average creepy Joe. By the way, was there a little weight loss in there?
Source: You, Netflix

Fans are loving the hate the character 'Joe' is brewing in their minds, and they credit Badgley for those feelings. Yes, in an extremely positive way. But that also prompts the question, "Did Penn Badgley lose weight? Even a little bit?"

What Fans Think — The Show Creators Made Him Go into a Weight Loss Phase

There's been discussion all over social media about Penn Badgley's weight loss. Of course, after such long from his last major role on 'Gossip Girl', the fanbase were bound to get something from him. When 'You' happened, new ones came in too.

Penn Badgley on Netflix's 'You' looked a little skinnier for the fans.

He might've been forced. Or not!
Source: You, Netflix

Since his day in the former show, he looked quite different with defined jawline. While discussing about how he was "revoltingly ugly" in a Reddit discussion thread, a user speculated, "they probably had him lose weight to appear more skeletal."

In another discussion, another also wondered the same was asked of him to look creepier but conceded to the fact that it was just proper lighting.

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The truth is, he's been that skeletal even the first season of the show. Season 2 just concluded a few days ago, and his performance already has fans asking for another. Sure, let's bring the creepy Joe back to his old tricks. No, we're not being sarcastic.

Keen Fans Know He Lost Weight Between 'Gossip Girl' Season 4 and 5 for 'The Stepfather'

'Gossip Girl', the show that saw most of him than any other in his entire career. During his time there, he underwent a drastic change when transitioning from season 4 to season 5.

Here's everything you need to know about the relationship between Penn Badgley and his wife, Domino Kirke.

Discussion of his weight loss started way back then when they saw that he looked frail. After the season ended, fans wanted him to gain weight instead because of that skinnier look. Another user in the aforementioned Reddit thread also commented on his weight loss when portraying the role of 'Jeff Buckley'.

There was on Twitter user that commented on his weight gain, instead of weight loss, during 'Gossip Girl' season 3 before that change first happened. Yeah. But he was not silent after changing himself back then. He did acknowledge he lost weight after Season 4.

In reality, he was asked to 'get in shape' within one week, so that he could be filmed for 'The Stepfather'. Yes, in one week, he lost a couple of pounds or more of the fat and even gained muscles for his role.

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The solution he came up was 'seven days of total-body strength circuits'. Rounds of Pull-Up, Leg Raise, Bosu Ball Pushup, Dumbbell Curl to Press, Shoulder Fly, Arm Raise, Physio Ball V-Up, Dip, Isometric Pushup and Triceps Extension in quick succession, with only two minutes break for each round of the process.

Here's what each of those exercise meant to Badgley.

There seems to be quite a concern among the fans over his fans. Maybe he should acknowledge them some time and assure them that there's nothing wrong with him — If that's the case.

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