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Ryan Reynolds Jokes Netflix's 6 Underground is the Snyder Cut

Published Wed Dec 11 2019 By Travis
Ryan Reynolds Jokes Netflix's 6 Underground is the Snyder Cut

Ryan Reynolds jokes the upcoming Netflix action movie 6 Underground is the Snyder Cut.

It took a long time for Ryan Reynolds to find his niche in Hollywood, and for a while, he just felt like one of those cute looking guys Hollywood would put in weird rom-com to get female viewers in theatres. Ryan seemed like one of those industrial plants, who appear in a few moderate hit movies, a lot of flops, and then disappear from the public eye.

Well, whether it seemed to be the case for a while, it wasn’t the truth after all because Ryan was finally able to find his comfort zone in Hollywood and producers along with casting directors realized letting Ryan be Ryan is the only way they would get the best from the actor.

Ryan Reynolds rejuvenated his career by appearing in Deadpool for Fox.
Ryan Reynolds rejuvenated his career by appearing in Deadpool for Fox.

Source: Deadline

The first time it all clicked for everyone was when the actor wowed the world with the role of 'Deadpool,' the second time he played the character. We all know how it all ended when Ryan was hired to play 'Deadpool' in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' But after much lobbying and the fortunate “leak” of a mind-blowing clip resulted in 20th Century Fox green-lighting the project and Ryan went from being a risky actor to the one who was being paid $20 million-plus for a role.

Deadpool released in 2016 not only allowed the actor to present a new face of himself to the studios in Hollywood, but he also proved his box office pull with the movie. Now the actor appears in a $150 million Netflix action movie behemoth directed by Michael Bay. He was paid $20 million to appear in the movie.

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Now the movie is only two days away from being available for streaming, and the team was in Brazil to promote the film when Ryan Reynolds decided to describe the movie to the audience members present. He started by telling about a rich man who gave up everything to rid the world of bad people and ended it all by saying the movie was the Snyder Cut.

Ryan told the crowd, “I play a guy who made a lot of money through various inventions, and then I witness something terrible happen so I decide to take control of matters outside of government and I recruit a group of individuals with various skills to help me take down a dictator. So, basically, what I’m saying is that this is the Snyder Cut.”

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The actor likes to joke, and he made a fine comparison between the two movies but forgot to tell the people, the group of individuals he recruits in the film have no powers like the gods and princes of the Justice League.

Ever since the release of the 'Justice League,' there’s been a steady rise in people wanting to see the Snyder cut of the movie. The actor involved in the making of the film also did not do the people at Warner Bros. any favor by saying they’ve seen the Snyder cut. After a long time lobbying the study to release the movie, finally, they are getting ready to retool the film and release it.

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Snyder Cut is a thing because the director Zack Snyder was fired during the filming of the movie with Joss Whedon doing reshoots and adding different moments into the final theatrical of the film. Ever since the story broke, Snyder was fired, the fans are asking the studio to release the movie Zack made.

As for Ryan, you already played Deadpool three times and Green Lantern once, so there is no need to be greedy and try to become Batman also, Robert Pattinson got it all covered. 6 Underground will be available for streaming this Friday on 13 December 2019.

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