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Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer And Fiona Shaw Return For A Second Series Of The Darkly Funny BBC Thriller 'Killing Eve'

Published Tue Jun 11 2019 By David
Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer And Fiona Shaw Return For A Second Series Of The Darkly Funny BBC Thriller 'Killing Eve'

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer return as (respectively) a British intelligence agent and a psychopathic professional killer for the second series of 'Killing Eve.'

With 'Call the Midwife’s Emerald Fennell' assuming control over the rules from Phoebe Waller-Bridge as lead writer, the new series sees the return of greater part of our favorite characters (considering the fact that Comer’s deadly assassin Villanelle didn’t kill them off) in notwithstanding a few fresh out of the box new faces.

3.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the first episode on BBC One, and 2.6 million individuals urged the boxset for the second series in the first thirty-six hours of it being made to the public.

Even astonishing is the fact that 18,000 people have just flown through the entire series, bingeing it right away by any means.

So who is in the series’ ensemble.

Sandra Oh Plays Eve Polastri

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri 

Eve was a desk-based MI5 officer twiddling her thumbs before she was enlisted by MI6 boss Carolyn Martens to head up a group entrusted with tracking down an elusive, lunatic female assassin: Villanelle.

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The pair soon became entangled in a sexually-charged cat-and-mouse game, which culminated in Eve stabbing Villanelle at the finale of series one, leaving her for dead.

Jodie Comer Plays Villanelle

Jodie Comer as Villanelle 
SOURCE: Digital Spy 

A flashy and stylish psychopath, Villanelle is a multi-lingual Russian killer who has developed an intense likeness on Eve Polastri, the lady employed to track her down.

Fiona Shaw Plays Carolyn Martens

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
SOURCE: Digital Spy 

Leader of the Russia Section at MI6, Carolyn is heartless, always sharp looking, and has a complex romantic past.

Owen McDonnell Plays Niko Polastri

Owen McDonnell as Niko Polastri
SOURCE: Fandom 

Niko is Eve’s long-suffering husband who is also a maths teacher and runs a Bridge club.

Sean Delaney Plays Kenny Stowton

Sean Delaney as Kenny Stowton
SOURCE: Bustle 

An ex-hacker, Kenny is part of Eve’s original group. In series one, he was revealed to be the grown-up child of big boss Carolyn Martens.

Nina Sosanya Plays Jess

Nina Sosanya as Jess
SOURCE: SOAS University OF London 

Jess is Eve’s new (heavily pregnant) associate, and part of the new cryptic group formed by Carolyn. Actress Nina Sosanya explains her character, 'Jess' is an MI6 agent who has been working with Carolyn for a long time out in the field and is currently situated in the office.

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She’s an old hand, an accomplished agent, who is settling down and going to have a child. She’s a fascinating character since she’s quite ambiguous; one who doesn’t let anyone know what her aim is.

Barbara Flynn Plays Julia

Barbara Flynn as Julia
SOURCE: Radio Times 

A pathologist, as well as Carolyn’s old friend.

Edward Bluemel Plays Hugo

Edward Bluemel as Hugo
SOURCE: Town and  Country Mag

A new member of Carolyn’s team who is elegant, studied at Oxford and likes to wear colorful shirts that make him stand out in any room. Edward Bluemel describes Hugo is almost an intern, the whipping boy, doing all the dogs’ bodywork and one who comes from an affluent background with top-notch education having been to Eton and Oxford.

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Hugo is brilliant and staggeringly aspiring. He’s not reluctant to venture over people to get what he wants.

Kim Bodnia Plays Konstantin

Kim Bodnia as Konstantin
SOURCE: Daily Express

Villanelle’s previous handler, denoting a shadowy organization called “The Twelve”. Series one saw Villanelle shooting him but it’s unclear whether he survived the confrontation.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes Plays Aaron Peel

Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Aaron Peel
SOURCE: Indie Wire 

The son of businessman Alistair Peel who runs a highly-shrouded tech organization – but is a disagreeable, sinister millionaire.

Adrian Scarborough Plays Raymond

Adrian Scarborough as Raymond

Raymond works for shadowy criminal association, The Twelve.

Julian Barratt Plays Julian

Julian Barratt as Julian
SOURCE: Radio Times 

A customary chap who offers assistance to Villanelle. But there’s whole other world to him than meets the eye.

Adeel Akhtar Plays Martin

Adeel Akhtar as Martin
SOURCE: Radio Times 

A professional on psychopaths.

Emma Pierson Plays Gemma

Emma Pierson as Gemma
SOURCE: Radio Times 

A teacher at Niko’s school, who has a huge crush on him.

Shannon Tarbet Plays Amber Peel

Shannon Tarbet as Amber Peel
SOURCE: Pure Wow 

The little sister to 'Aaron Peel.'