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Science Predicts The Ruler of Westeros In Game of Thrones Finale

Published Tue Mar 26 2019 By Andrew
Science Predicts The Ruler of Westeros In Game of Thrones Finale

The ruler of Westeros in Game Of Throne finale is predicted by science.

It is a well-known thing that science is based on facts. Being said that a major spoiler is swiftly approaching your way as science predicts the ruler of the seven kingdoms.

While the battle over the throne of Westeros seems to have no exact science to it, someone might actually have just cracked George R.R. Martin mythical saga’s code and actually made a valid prediction on who will be the actual rester in the Iron Throne as the story of the seven kingdoms comes to an end.

With David Benioff and D.B. Weiss taking the bookish charm of the ice and fire epic beyond Martin’s take into the series and round off in HBO’s TV show of the same name, the world is holding onto its seat to witness who in actuality will make it out of Season 8 alive.

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Now, with only a matter of weeks left until we return to the wintery world of Westeros, sleuths think they’ve unraveled who will be reigning over the seven kingdoms as the credits roll. A little strand of a hint, it's totally contradictory to the popular fanbase belief.

Data visualization team Visme has analyzed the world of Westeros betting odds to speculate the answer to one of the most asked questions in today's world, who will be in charge of the remainder of Seven Kingdoms once the wintery war is over. 

Rulers revealed!

SOURCE: Joy Scribe

Although Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are the obvious sought-over choice in the evaluation with votes of 22.2% and 16.7% respectively, it’s Bran Stark who holds a prominent stand on the chart. To add up, the wheelchair-bound visionary is ruling over all the cast with an impressive 25% of the vote.

In a slightly downward rank, Sansa Stark rocks 14.3% of the vote, King Robert’s bastard son Gendry earned 12.5% votes. In addition, the Night King and Tyrion Lannister have an equal chance for the throne with 9.1% votes. Nonetheless, the chances of the likes of Brienne of Tarth (1%), Jorah Mormont (1%), and Melisandre (0.8%) ruling the iron throne is very scarce.

Meanwhile, weirdly enough little finger, devilish Petyr Baelish is in the middle with 6.7% despite his death sentence being carried out during the Season 7’s blood-soaked finale. Moreover, theories are still swirling around that Littlefinger faked his death and could actually make his place on the throne.

The lists of the character who is most likely to be killed off and when was also a highlight on the site. The speculations state that Pilou Asbæk’s Euron is the most voted to die first, tailed by the likes of Yara and Theon. The prominent characters to meet their demise in the former episodes of the 8th season are the Lannister Twins and Sansa Stark.

However, nothing can be speculated when it comes to the outcome of thein George R.R. Martin’s bloodthirsty world but nothing is that simple in GOT, especially as this rendition of the series marks the last one. The probability of the show taking a different turn and bringing out the unpredictable is the most likely scene.

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Nevertheless, the idea of Bran taking charge of the throne with the Night King's rise makes for a great theory for fans to indulge in. Given all the “Bran is the Night King” theories the speculation of the ruling comes as a major contradiction.