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Scientists Warn That Smoking Cigarettes Can Make Your Penis Shrink

Published Thu May 09 2019 By Kensinpark
Scientists Warn That Smoking Cigarettes Can Make Your Penis Shrink

Once was a symbol of manliness is now a threat to your manhood.

20% of the world population (almost one billion people) partake in smoking. We are all familiar with the serious consequences of smoking a cigarette which includes even deadly cancer yet still, people are neglecting the fact - but in research conducted recently, it was found that smoking can cause some serious problems in your sexual health as well.

New advice from experts suggests smoking tobacco cigarettes can lead to shrinking in the penis size and also erectile dysfunction in males.

SOURCE: Very Well Health

Cigarette smoking is found bad for not only male but is known to cause some serious problems in female sexual health as well. Fertility issues, irregular menstrual cycle, and early menopause are some of its adverse effects.

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A urologist from England explained nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels and causes atherosclerosis, including vessels those in the penis.

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Atherosclerosis is a medical condition when "fatty deposits" called plaque start to form on the inside walls of arteries which hampers in blood flow.

The arteries carry blood from the heart. Damage to the cell lining causes atherosclerosis.
SOURCE: Medical News Today

To get a firm erection, our body needs a proper circulation of blood but with the higher incidence of atherosclerosis due to cigarette smoking, it was found a large number of people are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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The thinning or narrowing of blood vessels can be temporary which eventually becomes permanent leading to shrink in the size of the penis as well.

Some people complain about the size of their penis shrinks as they age, that's mainly because the chances of atherosclerosis are higher in the older age group.