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Shamicka Gibbs: The Life Story Of Martin Lawrence's Ex-Wife

Published Tue Jan 02 2024 By Bsgurung
Shamicka Gibbs: The Life Story Of Martin Lawrence's Ex-Wife

Shamicka Gibbs, born on November 11, 1975, is a 48-year-old entrepreneur and chef, known for her marriage to comedian Martin Lawrence from 2010 to 2012. Beyond her role as Lawrence's ex-wife, Gibbs has established herself as a skilled entrepreneur, managing businesses in culinary and fashion. 

Not just limited to her personal life, she has also made appearances in TV series. Gibbs is a multifaceted individual, showcasing her talents and creativity beyond her connection to Martin Lawrence, embodying success in both business and entertainment.

Shamicka Gibbs Shares Three Kids With Martin Lawrence

In the late '90s, Martin Lawrence reached the pinnacle of his career with the success of the sitcom "Martin" and hit films like "Bad Boys". Married to Miss Virginia USA, Patricia Southall, from 1995 to 1997, they share a daughter, Jasmin

Shamicka Gibbs husband
Image: Martin Lawrence with his ex-wife, Shamicka Gibbs. 
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Lawrence began dating Shamicka between 1995 and 1997, and after 15 years, they married in a private 2010 ceremony at their Beverly Hills home, attended by 100 guests, including Eddie Murphy and Barry Bonds. 

Their daughters, Amara, Iyanna, and Jasmin, played roles in the ceremony, marking a significant moment in Lawrence's personal life.

Divorced After Two Years of Marriage

Married for two years, Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs decided to divorce in 2012, expressing mutual respect and love in their joint statement to PEOPLE. 

Shamicka later acknowledged the natural evolution of relationships, emphasizing the private nature of their challenges. Despite the split, they committed to amicable co-parenting of their daughters, Iyanna and Amara. Post-divorce. 

Shamicka maintains a strong bond with not only her biological daughters but also her stepdaughter, Jasmin, showcasing a harmonious family dynamic. The couple's dedication to friendship and collaborative parenting reflects their mature approach to navigating life changes.

Appeared in Hollywood Exes

Post-divorce, Shamicka Gibbs gained fame by joining VH1's reality show "Hollywood Exes" in its second season. Despite rumors of Martin Lawrence opposing her involvement, Shamicka clarified that he supported her decision. 

She appreciated the opportunity to showcase her authentic self on reality TV and emphasized her independence in making choices. 

On the show, she shared the screen with other high-profile ex-wives, including Nicole Murphy and Sheree Fletcher, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of celebrity exes while maintaining her individuality and integrity.

Shamicka Gibbs Health

Shamicka Gibbs faced health challenges with diagnoses of lupus and celiac disease in 2011, discovering a gluten allergy that had already affected her well-being. As a chef, she overhauled her lifestyle, eliminating gluten from her diet, prioritizing regular exercise, and managing stress. 

Despite the setbacks, she emerged resilient, creating awareness about autoimmune diseases. Gibbs launched "Don't Hurt Cha' Tongue Baby," an all-natural spice, and authored a cookbook featuring gluten-free recipes. 

Her advocacy extends to providing resources for celiac disease sufferers, showcasing her commitment to health, education, and inspiring others on their wellness journeys.

Shamicka Gibbs is an Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneur Shamicka Gibbs is recognized for Micka's Pantry, a meal service featuring organic, gluten-free spices. Alongside a T-shirt collection, she owns Massage Envy Spa franchises across the U.S.

Shamicka Gibbs is in the frame
Image: Entrepreneur, Shamicka Gibbs at the award show. 
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Beyond business, Gibbs, a chef, hosts "Cooking and Conversing" culinary events, providing recipe demonstrations and culinary discussions. Engaging her audience through social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, she shares instructional videos and promotes her ventures. 

Gibbs' multifaceted entrepreneurial pursuits showcase her culinary expertise, commitment to wellness products, and successful ventures in the spa industry, reinforcing her dynamic presence in business and social media.

Shamicka Gibbs's Net Worth in 2024

Shamicka Gibbs, Martin Lawrence's second wife, boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million, derived from various successful business ventures. 

In contrast, Martin Lawrence's wealth is substantial at $110 million as of 2023, primarily accumulated through his prolific acting career, including notable roles in "Saturday Night Live" in 1994. 

While Gibbs has made a commendable fortune from her entrepreneurial pursuits, Lawrence's substantial net worth reflects his longstanding success in the entertainment industry, showcasing the financial achievements of both individuals in their respective fields.

Shamicka Gibbs Twin Brother

Shamicka Gibbs shares a close bond with her younger twin brother, Doonie, evident in Instagram posts capturing their connection. Despite the passing of their father, Ronnie Gibbs, Shamicka commemorates him on special occasions, expressing love and remembrance. 

In a heartfelt tribute on Ronnie's 64th birthday, she posted a collage of family photos, acknowledging his presence in spirit and expressing the hope that he watches over them with pride.

Through nostalgic throwback pictures and touching messages, Gibbs keeps the memories of her late father alive, showcasing a deep and enduring appreciation for family bonds despite the challenges of loss.

How Old is Shamicka Gibbs Today? 

Born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, Shamicka Gibbs maintains privacy regarding her family details. The 48-year-old entrepreneur, likely a product of a biracial marriage, possesses striking features with dark brown eyes and flowing hair. 

Raised in California, she fondly recalls her childhood and attended Leuzinger High School, graduating in 1993. Passionate about music, Gibbs eventually became a musician. 

While her formative years remain discreet, she is notably reserved about her birth family, focusing more on her career in interviews, leaving her educational background and college details unspecified.

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