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Shane Dawson Congratulates Jeffree Star 'On Such A Huge Moment In Your Career'

Published Fri Aug 16 2019 By Kenshinpark
Shane Dawson Congratulates Jeffree Star 'On Such A Huge Moment In Your Career'

Shane Dawson congratulated Jeffree Star on his big day, as the makeup artist launched his new product line.

Shane Dawson, who is a great Youtuber, congratulated Jeffree star on her big moment; Jeffree, who is an American internet celebrity and beauty YouTuber.

The internet celebrity, who got mixed into feuds between James Charles and Tati, received an overwhelming response and wishes from fans and friends from all around the world, while Dawson, congratulated her in person.

The reason for the celebration was the launch of the Morphe X by Jeffree Star. Morphe X is the new cosmetic line by the beauty YouTuber, which features makeup kit with a hint of strawberry.

This was a long-awaited product by fans as the internet celebrity was teasing the cosmetic for a while. Finally, the star launched a makeup line in a rather lavish event.

The event saw the stars like of, Jayy HairStyles, rep from Balmain, Lipsticknick, and many more including Shawn Dawson, who once slammed Kylie Jenner.

Shawn, while attending congratulated the makeup artist and wished her all the luck for the future. Moreover, the Youtuber thanked Jeffree for supporting him all round year.

Dawson wrote, "Jeffree, congratulations on such a huge moment in your career. I know how hard you’ve worked on this project, and I know how much this means to you. I know it’s going to be a huge success because of the love you put into it."

The YouTuber continued, "This year I have followed you with Andrew and have been by your side for the ups and the downs, and you have been there for mine. Thank you for helping me feel more confident, more creative, and for pushing me to leave the house more."

Dawson further added, "You are forever family to me, and I can’t thank you enough for all the love, time, and support you have given me. Thank you for making me feel “worth it.” :,) love u, friend."

While Dawson is not alone, even Jeffree wish the YouTuber amassed 13 million subscribers. On Dawson big day, Jeffree took to twitter and congratulated Shane.

The internet celebrity wrote, "HUGE congratulations to @shanedawson on hitting 20 million subscribers on YouTube!!!! 😭🔥❤️😍 No one deserves it more than you! Love you 🐷"

Well, it's always great to see when internet celebrities come together as a team and celebrate their win. We hope both the internet star best of luck for their future.