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Stevanna Jackson: Shining Bright as an Actress and Beloved Daughter of Randy Jackson!

Published Thu Aug 17 2023 By Bsgurung
Stevanna Jackson: Shining Bright as an Actress and Beloved Daughter of Randy Jackson!

Stevanna Jackson, an American actress, has garnered attention for her roles in television series and movies including "American Horror Stories" and "The Wrong Child." Her prominence is also linked to her noteworthy family lineage.

Stevanna is recognized as the daughter of renowned songwriter and singer Randy Jackson, as well as her mother Eliza Shaffy, an actress. However, there have been circulating rumors and speculations surrounding her parentage and birth, adding intrigue to her family background.

Is Randy Jackson's Daughter, Steveanna Jackson Dating Anyone? Know About Stevanna's Boyfriend and Husband

Stevanna Jackson's love life remains a mystery to her curious followers, as she has chosen to remain tight-lipped about any romantic involvements. Currently single, the 29-year-old actress seems to be fully engrossed in her professional pursuits, potentially leaving little room for romance.

Stevanna Jackson is single
Image: The beautiful daughter of Randy Jackson, Stevanna Jackson. Source: Instagram

As of now, Stevanna Jackson is not married, and she finds joy in spending quality time with her friends during her leisure moments. Her preference for maintaining a private personal life is evident, reflected in her absence from social media platforms where details of one's life are often shared. Her focus on her career and penchant for privacy define her current lifestyle.

Why Stevanna Jackson's Parents Got Divorced? 

Stevanna Jackson's childhood was marked by her parent's separation. Her mother, Eliza, initiated a divorce from Randy Jackson, citing allegations of abuse towards both herself and their infant child. Despite their wedding in August 1989, the couple's union came to an end in 1992.

Randy Jackson's marital history is also noteworthy. Prior to his marriage with Eliza, he was married to Alejandra Oaziaza, with whom he had three children. Their marriage began in 1986. 

Additionally, Randy has been linked romantically to individuals including Bernadette Robi, Karyn White, Cat, and Delisa Davis. These relationships and experiences have contributed to the complexities of Stevanna Jackson's family background.

Stevanna Jackson's Mother Died in 1994

Stevanna Jackson's mother, Eliza Shaffy was born in 1968. She was a beautiful lady who took care of her kids to the fullest. 

However, after a few years of Stevanna's birth, she tragically died. She passed away in 1994. 

Stevanna Jackson Was Adopted By Janet Jackson

Following the divorce of Randy and Eliza, Janet Jackson and her husband, James DeBarge, made a compassionate decision to adopt Stevanna, her brother's child. Stevanna's choice to sever ties with her father due to his abusive behavior led to Janet and James stepping in to provide her with the love and care she deserved.

Stevanna Jackson
Image: Stevanna Jackson with her grand father. Source: Instagram

Under the nurturing care of her aunt Janet and her husband, Stevanna found a loving and supportive environment to grow up in. Janet and James took on the role of devoted parents, ensuring that Stevanna received the parental love and guidance she needed for a positive upbringing. 

Relationship With The Siblings

Stevanna Jackson, raised alongside siblings Genevieve, Steven, and Donte, had a strained relationship with their father due to his abusive behavior. 

Hailing from their father's previous marriage to Alejandra Oaziaza, they spent much of their upbringing in California with their grandparents and cousins, who are related to Michael Jackson.

Genevieve, Stevanna's sister, is a gifted soul singer dedicated to spreading positivity and love. She's also engaged in global travels and aiding the homeless. 

After her marriage to Brandon Huguely in May 2022, Stevanna now resides in Atlanta. She has shared her life journey on the podcast "Do Everything With Love," co-hosted by Deja Riley.

Stevanna Jackson's Impressive Performance in Zoey 101

Stevanna Jackson, following in her parent's footsteps, entered the entertainment industry. Beginning her acting journey on "The Tracy Morgan Show" as Simone, she later appeared as Tasha on "Zoey 101," gaining some recognition. 

She starred in "The Wrong Child" (2016) and the "American Horror Story" series (2022). While not yet a major name in acting, her dedication suggests she's on the path to achieving significant fame in her own right.

Net Worth and Salary 

Stevanna Jackson, with a net worth of $500,000, has earned from her acting career, starring in projects like the American Horror series and The Wrong Child. 

Stevanna Jackson net worth is $500,000.
Image: Stevanna Jackson is an American actress. Source: Fan Pop

Randy Jackson, her father, has a $50 million net worth, and her uncle, Michael Jackson, left a $500 million wealth. Her primary income source is acting, contributing to her accumulating wealth.

Stevanna Jackson Height and Wight

Stevanna Jackson, hailing from the glamorous world, upholds her appearance well. Her features include curly blonde hair and brown eyes that complement her face. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches (160 cm), she maintains a slim and fit physique with an appropriate weight.

Age and Birthday

Born on June 17, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, Stevanna Jackson is the daughter of Eliza Shaffy and Randy Jackson. She holds African-American ancestry and possesses American nationality.

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