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Stevie Wonder Revelas He Needs A Kidney Transplant After Falling Ill

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By David
Stevie Wonder Revelas He Needs A Kidney Transplant After Falling Ill

Stevie Wonder reveals how he needs a kidney transplant after succumbing to illness.

The legendary American singer, Stevie Wonder will take a leap from music - and has found a donor for the transplant which will take place in September.

Speaking on stage at British Summer Time Hyde Park with Barclaycard, the 69-year-old singer said: “I’m going to take a break. I’m going to have a kidney transplant in September. It’s all good. I’ve got a donor. It’s all good. I came here to give you my love. You ain’t go to hear no rumors about nothing, I’m telling you.”

Stevie Wonder, 69, has been performing since childhood. (Source: Associated Press)

Stevie made the revelation at the end of his set when he exhibited "Superstition." The 25 times Grammy winner said he would play three more shows before taking a break.

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Stevie last performed British Summertime in 2016, where he played iconic album, 'Songs in the Key of Life' in its entirety.

This time, Wonder brought his fabulous Song Party show to the UK, which explained as a "Celebration of Life, Love, and Music."

The career-spanning hits show witnessed the legendary singer caroling some of this generation's best known and much-loved songs.

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The Song Party tour has been playing a limited run in the US, and during one night, Wonder said people are living in a time where so much is going on in the world yet the one thing people know for sure that they can celebrate is life, love, and music.

Stevie Wonder is among the most number of Grammy  winners; 25, (Source: Us Weekly)

Stevie said of how thankful he was for all of his fans being so wonderful to him, giving him their life and allowing him to share his music with the people since he was 11.

On Wednesday, the Detroit Free Press forwarded Wonder was battling “a serious but manageable health issue,” taking information from sources close to the Michigan-born singer.

Musician Joan Belgrave, a longtime friend of Wonder said Stevie’s got some health issues and doesn’t want a big PR thing out of this.

Stevie Wonder, who has been blind since just after his birth, in part because he was born prematurely, has been performing since childhood and has sold 100 million+ records over his long career.

In 1963, the single "Fingertips" was a No. 1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 when Stevie was aged 13, hence making him the youngest artist ever to top the chart. His “Superstition" is one of the most distinctive and famous examples of the sound of the Hohner Clavinet keyboard.

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Wonder, along with Frank Sinatra, is the most Album of the Year's winner with three.  He is also the only artist to have been bestowed with the award; three consecutive album releases. Stevie was the first Motown artist and second African-American musician to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, for the 1984 film 'The Woman in Red.'