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Study Reveals Women Love Their Best Friends More Than Their Partner

Published Mon May 06 2019 By David
Study Reveals Women Love Their Best Friends More Than Their Partner

Studies suggest that more women would forfeit their lovers rather than leaving their best friends.  

A survey by Champneys Health Spa concluded that 50 percent of married women prefer to spend time with their best friends than their husband.

1,517 women from the UK were involved in the research, and the main reason they chose friends over their husbands was that they understood each other.

Women tend to be more frank with their best friend than their partner. 
SOURCE: 107.5 Kool FM

The other sorts of reasons are: 

They can talk about everything (57%)
She listens more (45%)
One can tell her as many things as they could not tell their partner (44%)
They enjoy the same things (41%)
They can laugh until they cry (39%)
She can truly be me (29%)
We go back much further (29%)
She offers better advice (28%)
She is less irritating (26%)
We have much more in common (25%)
She has a better sense of humor (19%)
We go wild when we’re together (18%)

Meanwhile, there was no data for lesbian relationships.

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We might like to believe that nothing can split us from our best friends, but how much of that changes when you get £131,000 in the deal? You may have had a moment with your BFF, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t trade them in for a hefty amount in your bank account.

Asking 2,000 men and women from the UK, research worked out how much it would cost for them to end it with their best friend. Taking an average of the numbers, researchers found that £131,000 is the magic number.

Foxy Bingo is behind the findings, revealing that women would give up their close friend for £106,000 while loyal ones take a bit more luring with an average of £180,000.

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Answers varied around the regions, with Liverpool being the ‘least loyal’. There, people were willing to cut off the ties for just £62,000. Up in Glasgow, the study found that a firm friend won’t defriend you for less than £200,000.

Liverpool people agreed to ditch their friends for relatively less money. 
SOURCE: Wikipedia

Elsewhere, 15% of those surveyed admitted they’d bad-mouthed a friend behind their back. 11% also confessed to having a WhatsApp bracket that certain people are excluded from.

It takes a pretty dark turn when 7% revealed they’d flirted with a friend’s partner, while 6% had taken it even further by having a making session with them.  

There are some positives reports, too. 84% of the surveyed said they’d lie to protect a friend.  

46% stated they know when a feeling is getting degraded, 42% said they have the perfect remedy to cheer their BFF up, and 40% expressed they’ll always make time for that special someone.

Foxy Bingo’s Sponsorship & Partnerships Manager, Kim Mills said: “This study is a fascinating look into the nature of friendship. Although some people would sell their best friend down the river for some cash, it’s reassuring to see that most Brits value friendship and are loyal to their pals.”