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TangoTek Facts: Here's What You Should Know About the Twitch Streamer

Published Wed Dec 02 2020 By Bran
TangoTek Facts: Here's What You Should Know About the Twitch Streamer

Learn some intriguing facts about the renowned gamer, TangoTek.

If you are a gamer or love gaming content, then TangoTek must definitely be a familiar name for you. His introduction would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that he is a prominent figure in YouTube and the online gaming platform, Twitch. 

TangoTek is a frequent contributor to the internet with his engaging and promising videos about Minecraft and several games. His gameplay is admired by thousands around the world which explains the reason behind his soaring prominence in recent times. Stay right here as we take you close to some of the most dramatic facts about the hit internet personality.

TangoTek Is Fifty By Age

The general perception of gamers in the online community happens to be as young kids and teenagers. While everyone expects the same, TangoTek came completely out of the syllabus as he is someone very rare, who recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday. 

TangoTek caught on the camera sreaming.

The real name of TangoTek is Thomas.
Photo Source: Twitch

TangoTek has a lot of advantage over his younger competitors in the gaming community as his experience and in-game insight is massive. Despite the age gap, he definitely keeps up with the newer generations, playing new games such as 'Among Us' and 'Rocket League.' 

TangoTek's Six-Figured Followers on His YouTube Channel

TangoTek can be easily lauded as one of the best gamers and streamers in the online community. Unlike most of the social media stars, he makes his presence known on Twitch and YouTube instead of Instagram. On YouTube, his subscriber count crosses the 893,000 mark, with most of his videos amassing over 300,000 views. 

The logo of TangoTek.

Tango Tek has over 80,000 followers on his Twitter account.
Photo Source: Twitch

Considering the soaring popularity and prominence in recent times, it's just a matter of time until TangoTek's subscribers cross the 1 million mark. Apart from YouTube, he is quite active on Twitch as well, which is undoubtedly one of the world's leading live streaming platforms. 

TangoTek Loves To Chill and Drink

TangoTeak's screenshot during a livestreaming.

TangoTek is an active Twitter user.
Photo Source: Twitch

It's the dream of every teenager to spend their life to play games all day and enjoy the rest of their time, sleeping and chilling. Apart from his reputation as a YouTube and Twitch streamer, TangoTek knows the boundary and limits to separate their personal and private life. 

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TangoTek never reveals much about his personal life and space in social media as most of his content cover gaming stuff. His Twitter bio itself opened about his passion for drinking. The precise words were, 'quality beer drinker' which definitely indicates how he cherishes life and knows how to keep his mental self calm and stress-free.

TangoTek's Love Life Is Still A Secret

TangoTek caught on the camera during a sream.

TangoTek labels himself as a quality beer drinker.
Photo Source: Twitch

TangoTek might be a megastar among Minecraft fans and other online gaming enthusiasts, but that doesn't let him go public about everything unlike most of the celebrities. Consequently, there is no idea how his romantic life is going on. He deserves full credit for managing to keep his romantic orientation a secret to this very date. There is not a clue to any of his fans on whether he is dating a girlfriend or is single. There is even a probability that the 50-year-old Twitch steamer might be married to a wife already.

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Only time will tell if TangoTek ever gives his thousands of fans and subscribers closure about his mysterious love life and dating history. Surprisingly, he never opened up regarding the details such as his family, parents, or siblings.

TangoTek's Net Worth In Six-Digits Too

TangoTek is surely an inspirational figure for every young gamer out there as the 50-year-old has proved the traditional society wrong by making a career in esports. As a content creator for Team ZIT, he regularly posts new streams on games like Among Us and Minecraft every week. 

TangoTek in a brown sweat-shirt poses a videocover.

TangoTek owns a colossal net worth of $500,000.
Photo Source: YouTube

TangoTek currently gathers a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of December 2020. The sources of his income are diverse, be it from YouTube or Twitch. Likewise, he even makes enough fortunes from several endorsement and brand deals.

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