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Taylor Swift Announces Title Track From Her Upcoming Album 'Lover' Will Be Released On Friday

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By Eden
Taylor Swift Announces Title Track From Her Upcoming Album 'Lover' Will Be Released On Friday

Taylor Swift is set to drop 'Lover' song on Friday!

Taylor Swift's much awaited title track from her upcoming album 'Lover' is scheduled to release this week.

The 29-year-old star dropped the announcement during her first ever Icon Award acceptance speech at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. The event was held in Hermosa Beach, California on Sunday night (August 11).

Taylor told the crowd, “There’s so much I’m excited about coming up in the next 12 days until my album Lover comes out.”

The 'Blank Space' hitmaker added, “The album comes out on August 23rd, but I wanted to tell you guys tonight that on the 16th, on Friday, I have a new song called ‘Lover’ that’s coming out and I’m excited.”

The singer upon dominating nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards recently was presented the award of Teen Choice by her friend and a well renowned player for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Alex Morgan.

Taylor who previously skipped the Screen Actors Guild Awards began the speech appreciating Morgan, “We have a lot to talk about. Wow. First I want to talk about Alex Morgan. The fact that she’s here presenting this to me is such an honor.”

Swift who's been hinting towards an engagement with boyfriend Joe Alwyn continued, “While they were winning the World Cup they were also taking a historic stand in terms of gender equality, gender pay gap. Please, please, please support her and her teammates because this isn’t over yet. It’s not resolved… What happened to them is unfair, it’s happening everywhere and they are heroes and icons for standing up.”

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The upcoming 'Cats' star then sent an inspiring message to the fans, “I think one thing I wish I would have known when I was a teen are mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes you think if you try hard enough to make every decision perfectly, you think you can possibly ace life and never make mistakes. But it’s normal to make mistakes.”

The singer feels it's normal to be out there being really hard on yourself right now for some incident you messed up or feel embarrassed about. That’s inevitable to happen in life since nobody can come through unscathed. “We’re all going to have a few scratches on us… Please be kind to yourselves and stand up for yourself, please.”

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The inspirational Taylor certainly does not shy away from speaking her mind, although back in March she got accused of 'using LGBTQ people as props' in her music video for 'You Need To Calm Down'. Meanwhile, she has so far released three of the 18 tracks on her new album. These include 'ME', 'You Need To Calm Down', and 'The Archer'.