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Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer Says She Wants More Kids

Published Fri Apr 19 2019 By rhyss
Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer Says She Wants More Kids

TV Personality Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2 reportedly wants more kids as four's the lucky number!

Leah Messer is already a mother of three kids but looks like she is far from satisfied with the number and recently revealed she wants more kids.

The season TV star, during a recent air of the show, claimed she is not done yet having children hinting at a possible pregnancy sooner rather than later.

The 26-year-old, who shares three children, Adalynn Faith Calvert, Aleeah Grace Simms, Aliannah Hope Simms with two different partners, Cory Simms and Jeremy Calvert.

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After her relationship with both the previous partners, she started dating Jason Jordan. The couple was totally in love and she even wanted to have kids with him but because their relationship was just getting into a new stage she decided to use birth control pills to keep it smooth.

Teen Mom 2's star Leah Messer with her Children.

SOURCE: Wet Paint

But when the topic of bearing more children came, while talking to one of her friends, she said,

“As crazy as it sounds, I would want to have another kid. I would. Like, I miss the baby stage, and I love kids so much."

And wait, the reality star didn't stop there, she even stated, "Not even just that, I want to share that with the person I am gonna spend the rest of my life with."

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At that time, it looked like the duo might get engaged but it is all in the past because the couple called it quits just a few days back. While talking about their break-up, the mother of three divulged the relationship was toxic and it's why they went their separate ways.

Well, just recently, her dream of carrying another child had come true when rumors of her being with Jeremy Calvert's child made round, though she squashed it all of.