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Telli Swift Net Worth - How Much Does the Deontay Wilder's Wife Earn?

Published Tue Feb 25 2020 By Kenshinpark
Telli Swift Net Worth - How Much Does the Deontay Wilder's Wife Earn?

Deontay Wilder Vs. Tyson Fury match was one of the most awaited boxing events, during which Tyson won the match with a TKO. We dug a little further to know more about both the boxers during which we came to know about Telli Swift.

Telli Swift is the fiance of the professional boxer, Deontay, and their love story caught a lot of fire during their initial phase of the romance as the couple's relationship was something people found hard to gulp down.

But since the two are together and share a wonderful relationship, and two also are blessed with a wonderful daughter, Kaori Lee Wilder. The two seem pretty content with their life now.

Since we have already discussed who Telli Swift is and what she do for a living, we are here to discuss her career and net worth. Let's find out some of the exciting facts about TV personality wealth and career.

Telli Swift Net Worth

Telli Swift, who originally hails from the Philippines and is of African descent, is better known as an XXotic Angels Model. However, she longer serves in that category, her career skyrocketed, and nothing could stop her.

Telli Swift Net Worth

Telli Swift boasts an impressive net worth of $30 million.
Source: TV Over Mind

The 33-year-old, however, is believed to start her career from as early as three years old, which is enough to say, she is an amazingly passionate and hardworking person since we don't doubt her skills and talents on her field.

Following her career as a model, she was launched as a TV personality after Telli was associated with the pro-boxer. After being in a relationship with Deontay, the former XXotic Angels Model appeared on the WAGS Atlanta TV show.

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Since Telli is successful all-round, it really helped her to accumulate a massive fortune. According to what report suggests, the TV personality and fiance of Deontay Wilder, Telli Swift, boasts an impressive net worth of $30 million, which is surprisingly good for a model, and we are proud of her.

Telli Swift Salary and Income

Telli Swift is a successful TV personality, model, and partner of a professional boxer, Deontay Wilder. And let us tell you, she is amazingly beautiful and desired by many men. Since everything favors her so much, it's a no brainer; she is doing pretty good on her job.

Telli Swift Net Worth

Telli Swift earns an annual income of $90-$100K from her career as model, and TV personality.
Source: WAGS Atlanta

Reports suggest, Telli is occupied with works from her sponsors, and rarely go any day without a busy schedule. Her strictly busy schedule is speculated to bring her a lot of money. Telli Swift earns somewhere around from $90-100K per annum.

Telli Swift Philanthropy/Volunteer Work

With her vast net worth, Telli Swift does not keep it all for herself. She dedicates her time and effort to the female and children in need. Swift runs the 'Boxing Wags Association,' which is a non-profit organization formed by a group of women who help raise the money for important causes.

Telli Swift Net Worth

Telli Swift is the head of WAGs Association which helps women to unite and empower.
Source: The Sun

Telli's WAGs association is known to help women and children in need. However, it mainly focuses on women who were/are wives, or girlfriend, of retired boxers to help them unite and empower.

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While we lack the stats of how much worth of money Telli has donated or raised so far, but she often does it, which is more important than to know the actual figures.

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