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'The Wendy Williams Show' Gets Canceled Due to Coronavirus Scares

Published Fri Mar 13 2020 By Kenshinpark
'The Wendy Williams Show' Gets Canceled Due to Coronavirus Scares

The Wendy Williams Show got canceled indefinitely following Coronavirus concerns.

Coronavirus pandemic is taking over the world, and people are left completely clueless as to how they can save themselves from the deadly virus. While some shows are cutting down the live audiences during filming, some opted to cancel the show altogether.

Similarly, one of the famous late-night talk show hosted by Wendy Williams, 'The Wendy Williams Show,' is on hold indefinitely amid Coronavirus concerns.

The production team released an official statement for the show's fans. The NBC show's official report read, "Considering the current escalation of the coronavirus, production of The Wendy Williams Show will be put on hold, indefinitely."

The statement further added, "In place of live shows we will air repeats, and we will continue to monitor the situation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and city officials to determine the best time to return and produce live shows again. I love you for watching!"

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As we can see, the show shut down indefinitely, and the host of the show explained they would be airing the old episodes during the show's timeslot.

The further reports claimed the production office will remain open for employees to pick their materials from the office, but won't carry any production work now.

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Wendy, however, also planned to host the show without live audiences just like 'Jeopardy!' and 'Wheel of Fortune' did. Still, since the pandemic disease is already alarming, Williams thought she should take chances with the health of her audiences and co-hosts and decided to cancel the filming altogether.

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