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Todd Helton Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the Former Pro-Baseball Player is

Published Mon Apr 06 2020 By Kenshinpark
Todd Helton Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the Former Pro-Baseball Player is

Todd Helton is a former American professional baseball player who dedicated his 17 years of career to Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball. His career is nothing less than filled with impressive stats.

The 46-year-old is a five-time All-Star, four times Silver Slugger, and three times Gold Glove Award Winner. While no doubt his records are goods, we just wanted to know how much the MLB player made out of his impressive career.

Todd Helton Net Worth

Todd Helton is the legend of Colorado Rockies; introducing him as 'most famous' won't be justifiable here. The star is filled with records. Throughout his whole career, the star player hit a total of 2,356 home runs.

todd helton net worth

Todd Helton holds an impressive net worth of $65 million
Photo Source: Coloradoan

Moreover, he hit 347 doubles, 1,253 walks, and many more to the list. Todd Helton Stats is something that won't fit into this tiny page. But anyway, we tried to show you some prominent ones.

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So, with all those records, and spending almost two decades (17 years) in the same club, Todd Helton has garnered a massive net worth of $65 million.

Todd Helton Salary

During his 17 years career with Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton earn $14 million a year as salary.
Photo Source: Coloradoan

When Todd Helton first joined the team, the report suggests he was contracted for eleven years for a whopping $150 million. So, when we do the math, it's pretty clear that he earned somewhere around $14 million a year.

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So, that was the salary Todd Helton, massive $14 million per year. Well, you would have broken down the salary into months but, you get the idea anyway.

Todd Helton Lives in a $2.3 million House

The Colorado Rockies legend, Todd Helton, along with his wife, Christy Helton, lives in a lavish $2.3 million house in Southwest Brighton, near the Riverdale golf courses.

Todd Helton and Christy Helton's $2.3 million house in Southwest Brighton, near the Riverdale Golf course.
Photo Source: Denver Post

Their house features four bedrooms, eight bathrooms. Their property is 17 miles away from Coors Field; the one-story house was built in 2002, expanding in 10,560 squares feet.

The house, furthermore, offers a gated driveway, private pool, spa, and entertaining patios, two theaters, a sunroom, and a gym. What more can you ask for?

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