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Trevor Wallace Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the American Comedian is

Published Thu Apr 30 2020 By Bran
Trevor Wallace Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the American Comedian is

From YouTube to Television, comedian Trevor Wallace achieved success big time. Let's get to know about his net worth.

Aged 29, Trevor Wallace is one of America's finest comedians at the current time, known for his humor developed on the digital platform. It hasn't been long since he entered the bigger picture, but some of the essential reasons behind his rapid surge have to be with his funny videos on his personal YouTube channel. 

Talking about Wallace's personal life, his girlfriend is Jessica Lackmeyer. According to Jessica's Instagram profile, the couple began dating in the last months of 2020. Jessica appears to work in the finance sector based on her Instagram bio and LinkedIn profile. But she doesn't confirm it.

Born on December 30, 1992, in the city of Camarillo, California, Trevor Wallace was always a jolly personality with talents in humor and comedy. Interestingly, the comedian today is a regular on the hit YouTube channel, All Def Digital, and further featured on several platforms like MTV2, Super Deluxe, and Buzzfeed. Thanks to all those affiliations, he not got accustomed to global fame but also owned a colossal net worth. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into the details.

Trevor Wallace's Six-Figured Net Worth

The American comedian took full advantage of his humor talents, as he created a career out of comedy. Specifically, Trevor Wallace amasses a staggering net worth of $1.8 million as per Whats Their Net Worth. While the primary source of his earnings includes his several YouTube videos, be it on his personal channel which has 2.81 million subscribers. 

YouTuber Trevor Wallace owns a net worth of $1.8 million.

YouTuber Trevor Wallace owns a net worth of $1.8 million.
Photo Source: Trevor Wallace Instagram

It all began when Wallace started making short videos for Vine, the hosting platform. He was still studying at San Jose State University at that time. The breakthrough came when he made a few viral videos about Zumiez, crossing over 14 million views by 2017 itself. 

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Alongside all the digital comedy, Wallace achieved incredible success in live performances as well, as he performed stand-up comedy at several venues. As per the records, he performed at San Jose Improv, Zanies Comedy Club, and Orpheum Theatre in Arizona. Earlier in 2020, he played at Atlanta and Oklahoma but postponed the March 24 show at Tampa, Florida, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Trevor Wallace's YouTube Success

Comedy is often a means to win over people's hearts, and Trevor Wallace managed it quite rightly. Since the 29-year-old started his YouTube channel in 2011 and posted comic content, fans began admiring his work in an instant. Consequently, today, he has over 2.81 million subscribers on the channel and over 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Trevor Wallace Net Worth: Trevor Wallace poses in a brown jacket and pant at his house.

Comedian Trevor Wallace has over 1 million followers on his YouTube channel.
Photo Source: Trevor Wallace Instagram

Some of his best videos include When Frat Guys Come Home for the Summer, losing AirPods, going home for Thanksgiving, etc. Interestingly, he released a video where he satirized White Claw Hard Seltzer, with t-shirts that read Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws. However, as the video got viral, the company did get back to him at filed him an order of cease and desist order.

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Wallace is involved in several fields currently, but one of his sources of income is undoubtedly YouTube. The charismatic personality gets a paycheck worth an estimated figure of $530,000 annually, depending upon the wealth. Likewise, he currently works for the popular Los Angeles-based online platform, All Def, which makes around $1 million every year. Alongside the affiliation with them, he was also featured in the videos of Buzzfeed, Unilad and Funny or Die. Moreover, he also contributed his humor to Super Deluxe, Fusion TV, Worldstar Hop Hop, and MTV2 for a considerable income in return.

Trevor Wallace Sells Merchandises

Call it perks of being a YouTuber or famous, but Trevor Wallace made the most out of it as he started designing unique and humorous merchandise in an online seller, Stay Twisted Inc. Since over a million people follow him and admire his comedy; the response on his merchandise products like creative t-shirts and caps were quite good. 

Trevor Wallace Net Worth: Trevor Wallace in a black t-shirt poses for a picture.

YouTuber Trevor Wallace does stand-up comedy at several venues.
Photo Source: Trevor Wallace Instagram

Wallace earns a fair share of earnings from the small entrepreneurial firm and considering the rate it is going, the YouTube star could expand it to more products shortly as well.

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Besides the merchandise, the YouTuber has been a part of several short films such as 'Snatch Shot,' 'The Halloween Party,' and a few episodes of 'Add-TV.' Courtesy of some fantastic concepts and acting, he was nominated for the 2020 Shorty Award for Best Comedy and Best Use of Comedy Video.

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