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home Entertainment Vikings star Clive Standen's Wife Francesca Standen; How The Couple First Met?

Vikings star Clive Standen's Wife Francesca Standen; How The Couple First Met?

Published Sun Sep 15 2019 By Kenshinpark
Vikings star Clive Standen's Wife Francesca Standen; How The Couple First Met?

The Vikings star (it's confirmed the Vikings season 6 is coming), Clive Standen, is one of the most romantic persons you will ever see. And we have some information to back our claims too. But again, we don't need to stress the fact the actor is full of creative ideas when it comes to love as he married the love of his life, Francesca Standen.

Let's find out some intriguing facts about the couple! Learn how Clive and Francesca met and how he popped the question.

Clive Standen And Francesca Standen First Met When They Were Merely Kids 

Clive Standen And Francesca Standen have known each other since they were kids. But it was only in the latter years that Clive finally gathered the courage to confess his love to Francesca.

Clive Standen wooed his wife, Francesca Standen,  by dressing up as one of her favorite singers, Elvis Presley.
Source: Zimbio

The Vikings actor describes his wife as the girl of his dreams, and he went all out to get her. A few years into the relationship, the British actor had a unique idea for the marriage proposal. Please keep reading and know how the Vikings actor popped the question to his squeeze!

Clive Standen Dressed As Francesca's Favorite Singer When He Popped The Question

How far can you go to propose to a girl you love? Well, no matter how creative you get, you can't beat this actor. Clive Standen went for an all-day proposal.

The couple never misses a chance to show love to each other.
Source: Instagram

Standen first spray-painted Francesca's street with "I Love You, Francesca."  Clive then wrote love notes on placards and dressed up as Elvis Presley (his wife's favorite singer).

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The actor in his early 40s sang one of Elvis' classics, "Can't Stop Falling in Love," and went on his knee. This might be a big surprise, but Clive and his lover, Francesca Standen, are good singers too.

The Standens married in 2007 and have never looked back since then. Despite the considerable age gap between Clive and Francesca, the love keeps growing, and their relationship becomes stronger. If you ever need an instance of a power couple, you won't have to look any further, as this is the epitome of a relationship.

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The Couple Shares Three Children Together

Clive and Francesca Standen share three children, Hayden, Edi, and Rafferty. The dad of the kids calls them the loves of his life.

Clive Standen's youngest son, Rafferty, was skydiving in a wind tunnel.
Source: Instagram

The father of three said he loves being a house dad; every small thing the kids do is a priceless sight for him, and he emphasized he will do everything needed for them.

Even Francesca equally shares her time with her kids; she believes one-on-one time with her kids and her husband, Clive, helps them bind closer as one big unit of love.

The British actor cooks for his family whenever he gets the chance. And, of course, the actor also puts his immense effort into restoring the sparks in their relationship. P.S. This is a perfect family.

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