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Vitaly Uncensored - Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's 'Gum On The Butt Prank' Is Utterly Hilarious!

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
Vitaly Uncensored - Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's 'Gum On The Butt Prank' Is Utterly Hilarious!

After almost a week of no new prank videos, Vitaly is back at it again with a new video and this time there is gum involved!

The last prank video Vitaly posted was almost a week ago when the prankster took out the coat of Dmitry and brought back one of the beloved characters of his past. The owner of Vitaly Uncensored never goes this long without posting a video of him putting people through the wringer.

Also, the man was busy with the 23rd birthday celebration of his girlfriend of almost two years; he took a private jet with his girlfriend and their friends to celebrate her birthday. Then he surprised Kinsey with a surprise birthday party in Tahoe after making her think they were going to Reno for work.

Vitaly also posted adorable seven pictures of the couple together, to tell Kinsey how thankful he is of her being in his life. The pictures really spoke of their love and how it’s grown over the past couple of months.

But now the prankster is back at it again with his antics and this time he is coming in with a ‘Gum on the butt prank,’ which is utterly hilarious.

Dmitry in the elevator prank.
Last week it was Russian Hitman prank and this week it is gum on a butt prank.

Source: Glamour Fame

The video posted on Vitaly’s Instagram shows two girls in their swimsuit sitting down on a roadside bench. Vitaly introduces the clip by saying how disgusting it is, and yes, it is more than disgusting how the gum is stuck to the butt of the model.

After the introduction, the girl wearing black swimwear stands up and screams there is gum on her butt. A piece of white chewing gum is attached to her underwear, and the beautiful model starts screaming to get it off.

The model starts crying and shouting and asks a man walking by to help her get the gum off while also letting him know she is allergic to the gum. The model tells the man, “I’m super allergic to gum,” and then pretends to go into anaphylactic shock then lies on the bench. The man who was going to help the model starts taking his jacket off and another model standing by screams at the man to help her friend.

The man tells the model to breathe and asks her if she is okay, but she just keeps on shaking and lies on the bench unresponsive. Then, Vitaly arrives asking what’s going on and what’s happening and then tells the man he is going to call the cops and pretends to accuse the man of hurting the beautiful model. Vitaly accuses the man and asks the girl in the blue swimwear if it was the helping man who did it and she tells him yes.

“Oh, sh*t dude! What did you do to her?” Vitaly asks and then asks the helping man to give her CPR on her belly-button. The man starts pressing the model’s stomach with his hands but instead Vitaly tells him to blow air into her belly button. He keeps telling the man she needs to breath and tells him to blow into her belly-button, which is hilarious.

The man is confused and asks if it is the belly where he should be blowing the airs into, but then Vitaly claims she is breathing and tells him he saved the model’s life. The guy gives a bro handshake to Vitaly who tells him he is a hero and the man revived her. Then the video ends, and we are left with wanting more.

The whole thing was hilarious and if you want some more of the prank and other funny videos which are age-appropriate then head on over to the adult-prank site Vitaly Uncensored for more of the similar fun.