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What Can We Expect From Infinity Train Season 2?

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By Travis
What Can We Expect From Infinity Train Season 2?

The first season of Infinity Train wrapped up so what can we expect from the second season?

Cartoon Network is a children’s channel but every now and then the channel releases content which are suitable for both adult and children. The most recent series to capture the imagination of both adults and children is 'Infinity Train' which premiered on the channel on 5 August 2019. The show which first made its debut in 2016 as an animated short, from creator Owen Dennis took three years to get a series commitment after fan petitions, and much pleading Cartoon Network gave it a shot, and it seems the show worked its magic.

After three years in development, the series arrived on television and won over the hearts of many. The series ran in a weird format of a five-day event instead of weekly episodic treatment, and at the end, the 10 episode series said its goodbye on 10 August 2019. The problem with most cartoon event series is rarely they get to come back for a second season, and even if the studio wants the show to come back, the creators will take too long to finish the show in time and fans are stuck in limbo, like most fans are with the third season of Nisekoi, not knowing when the series is coming. Well, it seems Infinity Train was a success at the channel, and they already ordered the second season of the beloved show after just two days of the final. The Network made the announcement on Twitter.

In the first season, Infinity Train tells the story of 'Tulip' voiced by Ashley Johnson who is dealing with her parents’ divorce, and after a scheduling mix up which causes Tulip to miss out on game-design camp, she runs away from home. Tulip ends up boarding a mysterious train where each car is a different world, and all of a sudden, her hand is glowing with a green number on her hand. The 11 minute long episodes deal with Tulip’s journey while she tries to figure out how to get out of the train and get home. In her quest, she is aided by a robot companion, One-One which is the combination of two robots, 'Glad-One' (Jeremy Crutchley) and 'Sad-One' (Dennis) along with a talking corgi, 'King Atticus' (Ernie Hudson). In the ten-episode series, Tulip tries to uncover the mystery of the train and the conductor of the train.

Spoilers for season one of Infinity Train ahead!!!

In the finale of season 1, the story of Tulip gets wrapped up, and the number on her hand strikes zero, and she deals with the trauma of her parent’s separation. It seems her storyline is over and there are no clear indications she will return for a sophomore outing in season 2.

Watch: The trailer for Infinity Train on Cartoon Network

In the promotion video released with the announcement of the season 2, we only see One-One who says he is back as the conductor and the series will be returning soon. So, maybe the series will be about the restored conductor who takes control of the train or if the creator likes to bring back Tulip then maybe she can come back to help out her friends.

In season one Amelia ousted One-One as the conductor and used a car to deal with her loss. The grief-stricken woman created a world where she lived the life before her husband died and One-One was removed as the conductor, but during the finale of season one, Tulip restored the robot as the conductor of the train again. The story of season two may focus on the robot and also the nature of the train, there are infinite fan theories as to how the train chooses its passengers and what the train really means and its true motivations but to find out exactly where the series is headed, you need to tune in to the season 2 of Infinite Train when in premiers sometime next year.

Infinity Train.
Infinity Train is coming back for season 2 on Cartoon Network. (Source: Animation Magazine)

The series is also a shift in major networks trying to incorporate adult materials in a perfectly adequate amount into children targeted contents in order to make them feel safe and secure about the changing world. Whether it is subtle hand touching and musical implications to suggest two characters are gay in Andi Mack from Disney channel or using an animated cartoon series to talk about the pain of divorce and grieving process of a human, major networks are not only helping children learn but are also preparing them to be ready for the real world.

Infinity Train is a beautiful story of one girl’s journey to find meaning in her life after her parents’ divorce, and the way it is portrayed is poignant and beautiful at the same time. And people thought cartoons are only for children!