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What Is Elton John Net Worth? Details Of Elton John House, Cars, Salary, Income, and Earnings!

Published Fri May 24 2019 By Kensinpark
What Is Elton John Net Worth? Details Of Elton John House, Cars, Salary, Income, and Earnings!

Elton John is an extremely popular British musician and one of the most commercially successful artists of all time.

As one of the greatest music icons of the 20th century with a lot of albums and song credits to his name, Elton John is understandably very wealthy. 

Elton John's Net Worth

The British singer has a net worth of whopping $500 million, all thanks to his music career that spanned more than four decades and all of his recent performances most notably the Las Vegas one.

Elton John makes an impressive fortune. SOURCE: Daily Express

"The Rocket Man" formed a music company called the 'Rocket Music Entertainment Group' in 2011 and after that, he launched a Rocket Sports Management company in 2012.

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Reportedly, the 61-year-old composer is known as one of the top ten richest people in the British music industry.

Further, Elton recently bought a Mansion in LA which is worth $33 million, apart from this he has properties in Atlanta, Venice and Holland Park in London and his old house in Old Windsor, Berkshire, are worth $100 million. Back in 2015, the star bought Beverly Hills Estate for $33 million.

He is a connoisseur of fine arts and photography which is apparent from his big collection. in the year 2000 alone, he spent almost $40 million in arts and photos.

Elton John's Salaries and Income

Sir 'John' started the journey into the world of music with the release of his first album 'Empty Sky' in 1969 and that marked the start of his wonderful career.

Since then, he saw seven consecutive albums top the charts between 1972 and 1975 and every other album after that managed to get the tag 'successful' throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 

"Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring After Almost 50 Years".

SOURCE: Variety

After the mark of the successful career, 5-Grammy winner was heavily involved in the fight against AIDS and established the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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And a year later, Elton began hosting the annual Academy Awards Party which became one of the highest-profile Oscar Parties in the film industry.

The foundation so far raised almost $250 million and 5 times Brit Awards winner along with Taupin signed a $39 million contract with Warner Bros.

Apart for his own album, this wonderful musician composed music for Disney's animated movie 'The Lion King' which helped earn him a Grammy Award for best song and certified 'Diamond' in 1999.

Elton John's Cars

As we are all aware, he lives his life very lavishly, so when we are talking about cars, Sir Elton John owns a Bentley which is listed for $13 million.

SOURCE: Motor 1

Another classic from his collection, Rare 1997 V550 Aston Martin is worth $290,000 which was one of the most desirable Aston Martins of the past.

SOURCE: Motor 1

But there are still other numerous cars that he usually doesn't get to drive and they have become more like a showpiece, Elton recently said "I'm away so much and they don't get driven. I'd rather people had pleasure out of them. I tend to do this now and again in my life, I get a lot of things I can't use any more. It's just physically impossible, even if I was here all the time I couldn't use them all."

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Elton in his collections has four V8 Astons which are estimated at $30k to $90k,

SOURCE: motor1

a 1965 Jaguar E-type Roadster estimated to be around $45k,

SOURCE: Hagerty

a Ferrari 412 which is estimated to be around $30k, a Testa,

SOURCE: Classic Driver

For your convenience here is the list for all of his cars.

Car ModelPrice
512 TR$55,000
1975 Bentley Corniche convertible$45,000
1956 S1 Fastback$73,000
1960 S2 Flying Spur$50,000
S3 Continental$35,000
S3 Continental convertible$63,000
S3 Standard Steel Saloon$33,000
1987 Turbo$27,000
1995 Continental$107,000
1997 Turbo R 400$49,000
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III$35,000
1973 Phantom VI$150,000

The cars might not have been getting much use, but that doesn't mean they are degrading. Many of the cars are plugged into trickle chargers as if on permanent life support.