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What Is Remy Hii's Net Worth? Grab All The Details Of His Sources Of Income And Earnings!

Published Mon Aug 19 2019 By Kenshinpark
What Is Remy Hii's Net Worth? Grab All The Details Of His Sources Of Income And Earnings!

Remy Hii, the Malaysian-born Australian actor, is the talent you should keep your eyes on. The actor came into prominence after appearing in one of the highly acclaimed movies, Crazy Rich Asians.

The actor made a huge impression on audiences and shorty after the Crazy Rich Asians, Remi Hii got a big break in the MCU movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, for which we covered a story for its trailer.

No doubt, the actor's career is blooming, but how much the Australian has made so far.

So without further ado, we will dig into some interesting facts about this actor's net worth, earnings, and salaries.

Remi Hii's Net Worth

Remi Hii has a massive net worth of $800K; the actor managed to accumulate his fortune from his movies and TV shows. Well, some of you might be feeling lost here, because you tried to dig-in info yourself here and there, and instead left more confused about the actor's net worth.

Of course, you will find millions of website throwing some random numbers about Remi's net worth, some claiming $300K, while some are giving you range from $100K - $600K. But all you need is to believe this, the actor's tentative networth is $800K.

Let's breakdown the actor's net worth, shall we? So, we will do that in our next segment, check out the actor's earning.

Remi Hii's Salary

The average salary of an actor for movies or TV series without the regard of the size of the role far or less is $50K per annum.

So, when we talk about our boy, Remi, he is everywhere. The actor has a considerable amount of TV series and movies to his name. The actor's career just keeps getting better, so in number, if you ask, Hii's average salary per year turns about somewhere between $80K- $100K.

Remi Hii's Earnings

Well, of course, you want to know every detail of his penny, we get it. The Australian actor is making some extra cash through his promotional contents on his social handles. However, there's no exact figure at the moment, but all you can take from here is, the actor makes some good cash from his side projects.

The actor, moreover, made a good deal from his appearance in the movies, Spider-Man: Far From Home (We know Mysterio is NOT from alternate Universe), and Crazy Rich Asians. It is believed Remi made a total of $180K from two movies.

It won't be too long before Remi Hii eventually joins the millionaires' club. By the looks of it, seeing how the actor is bagging movies and TV series for himself, it seems inevitable it's gonna be next year.