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What Is Jim Bob Duggar's Net Worth? How Much Does He Make Per Episode?

Published Thu May 16 2019 By Chester
What Is Jim Bob Duggar's Net Worth? How Much Does He Make Per Episode?

If you are a motivation seeker and timely get yourself updated with the ideas of the riches and their success stories, you are at the right place!

As today we are going to discuss one of the leading American real estate agents, politician and television personality Jim Bob Duggar extensively known from his reality series '19 Kids and Counting'. 

In the article, we will precisely discuss reasons behind Jim's staggering net worth, his source of income, short bio and his assets.

Jim Bob Net Worth and Income Sources

Well, the reality star and entrepreneur Jim holds a net worth of whopping $3.5 million even after sharing a hefty amount with his 19 children. Each of Josh's children holds a net worth of million which in total accumulates more than $20 million.

Jim's Earning from his career as 'Reality Star'

The show aired for seven years on TLC until it's cancellation in 2015 following a sexual abuse scandal of Joshua. The show ran for 10 seasons which contains 229 episodes with some special episodes.

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The reality show producer Terence Michael budgeted the show around $250,000 to $400,000 per episode where the Duggers family were credited with an account of 10% from the budget, likely $25,000 to $40,000 per episode.

'19 Kids and Counting' was TLC's longest running and highest rated program.
SOURCE: The Good News Today

So let's apply a little math, he would receive $250,000 to $400,000 per episode, so let's make it at an average of $350,000 and multiply by 229 which gives us a result of staggering $80,150,000 excluding special episodes!

Earning As Estate Agent

The Average estate agent earns around the median of $50,565 per year, at least $24,846 and Maximum $116,763

Owns a 10,000 square foot home in Springdale, Arkansas for $230,000 which is now valued of $1.8 million.
SOURCE: People

Recently, Jim and his wife, Michelle listed their 21-acre Arkansas house, which they bought for dirt cheap, $230,000, for a staggering $1.8 million.

They Reportedly Bought for $230,000 which is now valued for $599,000.
SOURCE: Realtor

Jim has other various estate properties, though the data regarding it are kept confidential. He is a licensed realtor and invested in several commercial properties.

Owner of a Poultry Farm

Jim is also the owner of a Poultry farm. The average income for a poultry farm owner is around $60,000 per year. 

After being a licensed real estate and later converted a chicken hatchery into rental units.
SOURCE: Capital FM

Formerly Served in the Arkansas Houses of Representatives

From 1999 to 2002, Duggar served in the 'Arkansas Houses of Representatives' for District 6 where the average salary of houses of Representatives earns around $40,188 per year with daily incentives varying on the conditions.

Duggar served as House of Representatives for two years.
SOURCE: AkansaHouse

Reportedly, Duggar made around $100000 during his service at House of Representatives.

Earning From Selling Used Cars and Towing Business 

The average towing business owners make somewhere between $30,000 and $100,000 annually, however, the number may vary by your business sales and contacts.

The reality star initially started his career by selling used cars.
SOURCE: FleetEurope

So, guys hope you enjoyed the self-made millionaire Josh's story and stairs to success. Besides his staggering net worth, raising 19 children is also no less than earning millions.

Now lets us find out a short bio of the millionaire star and talk about his struggling career days.

Jim Bob Early life and Career

Born on July 18, 1965, Jim Duggar is a self-made millionaire who struggled and worked hard to reach his current position. 

Duggar was born in Springdale to father Jimmy Lee Duggar and Mary Lester in the fourth largest city of Arkansas.


Married to Michelle Ruark on July 21, 1984, she is one of the major reason behind Bob's success. Michelle, 52, is supporting Josh from the day the soul mates vowed to support each other in their days of good and bad. The couple shares 19 children together.

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Josh and his beloved wife never went to college and earned any degrees. All the source of his income is from the help of his beloved supporting wife and children.

Reality stars Jim Bob and his supportive wife Michelle is supporting each other back for 35 years now.

Jim made most of his money from the reality show based on his life with 19 kids. His show was one of the highest TRP ranked shows in the history of reality shows.

How Did it All Started!

Jim initially started making money by selling used cars, and eventually went on to run a towing business during the early years of his marriage.

After selling the towing business for a handsome profit, he later started his career in real estate. 

Simultaneously Dugger started a chicken hatchery which in later years he turned into rental units and eventually after having many kids, they got deals to appear on TV specials that played a key role in furthering his career and wealth.

And recently there is news of Bob Duggar about to get even richer with some of his astonishing projects.

In the end, he definitely proved that nothing can hold a hardworking man from achieving his goals, isn't it?