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Jon Snow In The MCU? Kit Harington Rumored To Play Wolverine In Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Published Sat Aug 24 2019 By Travis
Jon Snow In The MCU? Kit Harington Rumored To Play Wolverine In Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Kit Harington is reportedly coming to MCU to play an undisclosed character and Twitter is more than happy to cast him in a fan favorite role!

It seems the North of the wall, beyond the place of wildlings, and the former layer of the Night King leads to MCU. Well, it seems to be the case for one man from Game of Thrones who knew nothing and who didn’t want anything to do with anything. By the end, we thought he would want something but celibacy was the only thing which interested Jon Snow.

All jokes aside, according to Deadline who are smack dab in the middle of the D23 are reporting Kit Harington is coming to the MCU. They are not pulling this out of anywhere; the well-placed source is saying the Jon Snow actor is coming to the MCU and bringing his scowl and putting him to good use in the upcoming Phase of the MCU.

Kit Harington.
Kit Harington is reportedly joining the MCU.

Source: AV Club

Currently, the exact role for the actor is not known with Marvel’s panel at D23 the expected location for the announcement of the actor joining Marvel and Disney. Saturday, Kevin Feige is taking center stage to announce the future plans of the MCU, after just a snippet coming from the Marvel head honcho at Comic-con. But just because Marvel won’t confirm the actor for a particular role doesn’t mean Twitter will sit ideally behind the announcement.

One Tweet is causing a lot of talk on Twitter as well as going viral on Reddit. On Twitter user, Benson with handle @bluke123 is causing a lot of laughs as well as some agreement on the site. The tweet reads, “When you auditioned for the role of a minor character, and they make you Wolverine.” The tweet came along with a photo of a wounded Jon Snow with a worried look and his hand on his forehead after reading a scroll.

It is a funny tweet, and people on Twitter seemed to agree, though Wolverine will probably not be the role he signed on to play. The role we were hearing the character the actor probably playing was Moon Knight, but the character is said to appear in Disney Plus instead of a movie, and there was no announcement which will be playing the character.

Kit Harington.
Twitter thinks Kit Harington is playing the role of Wolverine.

Source: Deadline

Right now we are hearing it could be 'Silver Surfer', but the prospect of Kit donning the adamantium claw is an interesting prospect for all fans. Other than the obvious comparison to the man who is synonymous with the role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, people were intrigued to giddy about the prospect of Kit playing the role of Wolverine.

Kit’s favorite quote, “I don’t want it,” was the comment which was making the rounds on Twitter with people being creative and writing, “ah dun wan et,” it was pretty funny.

At this point we ‘know nothing,’ all we know is whatever the case the actor coming to the universe is an excellent addition to the MCU with Spider-Man almost certain to never return to the fold. We want Keanu as Moon Knight so do the directors of Endgame, but whatever the case we will probably get an announcement of the actor’s involvement in the MCU and the character he will be playing in some hours’ time.