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Kevin Feige Will No Longer Be Able To Produce Future Spider-Man Films Following Sony Pictures Ending Talks For Disney; How Will This Impact The MCU? What's Next For Sony?

Published Wed Aug 21 2019 By Travis
Kevin Feige Will No Longer Be Able To Produce Future Spider-Man Films Following Sony Pictures Ending Talks For Disney; How Will This Impact The MCU? What's Next For Sony?

End of negotiations - Disney and Sony leave the negotiation table with no deal for future Spider-Man movies produced by Kevin Feige and joining the MCU!

Well, it didn’t last long, after signing the contract to bring Spider-Man to the MCU in 2015, talks between Sony and Disney hit a dead end, and as of this moment, it seems the Spider-Man MCU collaboration was just a bad dream. Talks broke down after Disney asked for a co-financing deal in future Spider-Man movies which didn’t fly so well at the Sony HQ.

For months Disney and Sony were on the cusp of signing a deal to get back Spider-Man for two more movies, but it seems the straw which broke the camel’s back was when Disney came in with a 50-50 co-financing deal for the future Spidey flicks. It was a historic deal when Marvel and Sony came to an agreement in 2015, but now Kevin Feige will be without his favorite character as the MCU moves towards Phase 4 of their cinematic universe.

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The news comes on the heels of Spider-Man: Far from Home crossing James Bond movie 'Skyfall' to become the highest-grossing movie in Sony history. This will be an irritating development for the MCU head honcho who recently produced the biggest film in Hollywood history, Avengers: Endgame and also made the first billion-dollar grossing Spider-Man movie.

The new development was reported by a source who said Disney is currently developing two more movies with the hopes of Tom Holland to get back to his web-slinging ways and Jon Watts coming back as the director, even though the director is not tied to the project. The talks aren’t totally done, there is still a crack in the door open for the negotiations to resume, but it seems something really drastic needs to happen for the two giants to come back to the negotiations table.

Spider-Man game and Avengers movie
Spider-Man is most probably leaving the MCU with Sony taking full control of the character after lending the character to MCU for five movies.

Source: Daily Express

Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra were coming in from the Sony side to the negotiation table, but after the 50-50 deal was touted, both of them left the deal on the table. They tried to come up with some kind of workaround, but Disney wasn’t ready for any of it according to the source. It is understandable Disney wanting 50-50 stakes in the movie and the character considering Sony is firing a gun resting on Disney and Marvel’s shoulder, and they are getting back only 5% on the first dollar made which seems measly considering the almost $200 million profit Sony is going to collect from the last film.

How Will This Impact Disney Marvel And The MCU?


Disney is currently holding a plethora of characters and movies which will occupy the studio’s full attention in the coming years. We already got the lineup for Phase 4 of the MCU with Kevin Feige showing off five movies and five web series coming in 2020 and 2021. The MCU is busy if you ask the company would they like to work on the next Spidey flick and continue on the story built on Infinity War and Endgame and make him one of the leading characters in the future MCU movies, they will undoubtedly say yes! The stumbling block is Disney’s insistence on the cost-sharing method, which seems a little greedy on Disney’s part.

Disney already controls the merchandising of Spider-Man, which means the studio is already making buckets of money from the merch. The people with the disadvantage are the fans who will be jumping from one ship to another.

Spider-Man Merch.
Spider-Man merchandising is solely controlled by Disney.

Source: Jelly Deals

MCU is also going to be a different place considering how Spider-Man was pitched as the next Iron-Man. The Tony Stark arc also feels a bit sour now, considering he only joined the time heist because he wanted to save Peter and the guilt he felt from losing the kid. Tony was like a father to him, and Peter was dealing with the grief of losing Tony in Spider-Man: Far from Home. The whole Peter and Tony story seems moot at this point because Disney will not allow any reference to Tony Stark in a rivaling studio’s movie. So, now fans will be questioning, was the Tony sacrifice in vain? He left his daughter to save a character who we will not see in the MCU any time soon or maybe ever.

Marvel currently is working with a full plate, and with the recent purchase of Fox, almost all of the Marvel characters are back under the same banner. The Eternals is something new Marvel is working on, and Shang Chi was also announced during Marvel’s panel at the comic con. Marvel is also currently busy trying to get their streaming platform up and running, Disney+ is scheduled to arrive on November 2019, and five web series are in different stages of development.

Disney plus.
Disney+ is coming to the streaming game in November 2019.

Source: Variety

X-Men and Fantastic Four are also coming to MCU, so there are no shortages of characters for the mouse house, but still, the loss of Spider-Man stings a little.

What’s Next For Sony?


Sony is currently developing a sequel for their surprise hit Venom movie, and they recently hired Andy Serkis to direct the Venom sequel. The studio is also currently working to bring 'Sinister Six' to life after shelving the project back in 2016. Venom and Spider-Man crossover may happen if the company decides to not allow Disney in on the Spidey business. Sony is also currently developing a 'Kraven' movie who was also rumored to be a villain for the third Spider-Man movie.

Sony must be feeling themselves right now because the animated 'Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse' won the Oscars for the best-animated feature at the 2019 Oscars. So, they probably think the template is laid out for them to navigate the Spidey sequels in the future successfully. Sony needs to be aware of one thing though, behind those Spider-Man movies was Kevin Feige, the most successful producer in Hollywood history. The man who produced 23 films in 11 years and made over $26 billion at the box office without a single flop, this type of success is unprecedented, and Sony benefitted from the knowledge of Feige. We’ve seen what happens when Sony produces live-action Spider-Man movies, one is a classic, two are relatively okay, and two are repugnantly bad, and fans know it too, and no one is happy at the prospect of Sony producing more Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man is returning to Sony after talks between Disney and Sony broke down.

Source: Venture Beat

The deal is not final at this moment, and the is still hope for the fans of maybe one day Spider-Man making Tony’s memory proud of what he became. We all want Spider-Man to come back to the MCU and lead the new version of the Avengers, whatever name or shape it may take.

Both sides now need to sensible, when you are making money anyway, an extra few millions here and there is not going to do any good to anyone if Marvel cannot continue on their narrative and Sony buries the character six feet underground after another abysmal showing at the cinemas.

The exclusive news of talks breaking down between Disney and Sony was first reported by Deadline.