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Who Is Alex Mann? Everything You Need To Know About The Glastonbury Hero!

Published Fri Jul 12 2019 By David
Who Is Alex Mann? Everything You Need To Know About The Glastonbury Hero!

Who is Alex Mann, The Glastonbury Hero!

It’s been a rocking time for a 15-year-old British rising icon, Alex Mann. He’s been on Good Morning Britain (where Piers Morgan fanboyed over him), been summoned to the Boohoo offices, and been touring around in a Lamborghini. 

Not to mention, Mann has gained over 170,000 followers on Twitter and 110,000 on Instagram in a blink of an eye, making him a prevalent figure indeed. It’s a lot for a young lad to take on; going from bucket-hatted celebration-fanatic to a countrywide saint; however, Alex is by all accounts adapting admirably.

Alex Mann was randomly picked at Glastonbury festival by Dave David Orobosa Omoregie on Sunday. (Source: Sam Frost/The Guardian)

So, what actually happened to ascend him to popularity like this, though?

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At Glastonbury, last weekend (which was Alex’s first time at the fare) Alex and his friends went to enjoy rapper Dave. Getting right to the front of the group and on to his mate’s shoulders, the youngster was spotted due to his top. 

Alex rapping with Dave at Glastonbury festival this year. (Source: BBC)

Alex was sporting a Paris Saint-Germain football shirt with Thiago Silva’s name on it – also the title of one of Dave’s best-known songs. When the rapper called up a member of the crowd to join in the song with him, Alex was an ideal decision.

Watch: Dave (feat. Alex) - Thiago Silva

With the Psychodrama hitmaker guaranteeing he was prepared to go, Alex got right into the soul, rapping along to Thiago Silva with impressive precision. Alex later boasted to Twitter where he reviewed what was running through his mind when wording in front of a mass. 

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Alex admitted saying, ‘I’m not sure what was going through my head. I was so nervous. I thought: “What if I mess up?” But then I went on stage and performed, and it felt so good.’

PSG star, Thiago Silva thanks viral Glastonbury star Alex for Dave performance. (Source: Daily Star)

By Monday Alex had received a text from Thiago Silva. The footballer, who was at the moment preparing for Brazil’s Copa America semi-final against Argentina on Wednesday, congratulated Alex on his performance and also asked for his number to chat over the phone.

Dave, a rapper, singer, musician, and songwriter from South London, whose rich, personal lyrics have won him a number of hits and an Ivor Novello award, has also been in contact with Mann.

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Since the festival, the internet has gone crazy for Alex Mann, and even Silva himself barged into proffer his wishes. The hashtag #AlexFromGlasto was in the trend, and he’s now about to do PAs in dance club behind his star turn. 

Alex appeared on Good Morning Britain as he was interviewed by Piers Morgan (Source: Instagram)

His fans are Piers and Gary Lineker, but Alex has had to deny that the entire thing was organized. With the expression all over, it was quite clear he was as amazed as the people. Ideally, he and Dave may still keep in touch, and we might see them in front of an audience again soon.

Alex said Dave was supportive and said that he would have gotten a lot of messages that day and if he needed anything to let him know. Mann also remembered the stage moment when Dave had looked at him and said that if he got stuck and didn’t know the lyrics he could look him in the eyes and would get help.

Did You Know: Alex had taken a sick leave to attend the festival. After seeing their staff performing, the employer, however, couldn't fire the teenager much to his surging popularity.