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Who is Andrew Shingange? Get to Know Trevor Noah's Brother

Published Sun May 21 2023 By Bsgurung
Who is Andrew Shingange? Get to Know Trevor Noah's Brother

Andrew Shingange is a prominent South African figure, recognized as the sibling of the renowned actor, comedian, writer, and producer Trevor Noah. While Trevor has gained international fame for his comedic talents and host for ing "The Daily Show," Andrew has garnered attention due to his association with his accomplished brother. 

Although Andrew Shingange's personal endeavors and achievements may not be as widely known, his familial connection to Trevor has made him a recognizable figure within the entertainment industry. The bond between the siblings has contributed to Andrew Shingange's visibility and curiosity among Trevor Noah's fans and followers.

Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

Andrew Shingange, whose birthdate remains undisclosed, hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the son of Patricia Noah and Abel Shingange. Patricia and Abel tied the knot in 1992 but unfortunately separated just four years later in 1996. 

Trevor Noah with his brother
Image: Trevor Noah with his brother in their traditional dress. Source: Muzu TV

The relationship was marred by abuse, leading to their eventual divorce. Andrew's ancestry is a blend of Swiss and Xhosa heritage. He has two siblings, a younger brother named Isaac and an older step-brother, Trevor. 

Although Andrew's academic details are not publicly available, his familial connections and personal background have garnered interest among those familiar with Trevor Noah's public persona.

Trevor Noah's Brother, Andrew Shingange is a Happily Married Man

Andrew Shingange is happily married and continues to reside in his hometown of Gauteng in Johannesburg, South Africa. He leads a private life, which explains the scarcity of information about him in the news and tabloids. 

The details regarding his family are not widely known, although it is known that he and his spouse do not have children at present. As for Isaac, Andrew's other sibling, he also maintains a low profile and shares the same anonymity as Andrew. 

It is believed by many that Isaac resides in South Africa, but there is limited information available about his personal relationships or family matters. Maybe soon all the information about Trevor's siblings will reveal. But for now, the celebrity siblings are living a low-key life far from media attention. 

Brother Trevor Noah Split With his Ex-Girlfriend, Minka Kelly

In August 2020, PEOPLE magazine broke the news that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly were involved in a serious and committed relationship. This revelation sent waves of excitement throughout their fan base and the media, eager to learn more about their blossoming romance. 

However, as is often the case in any relationship, Trevor and Minka experienced a minor split in 2021. During this brief period of separation, Trevor took the opportunity to let loose and enjoy a weekend of fun in Miami, Florida. 

On the weekend of May 15 and 16, Trevor Noah embraced the party spirit, immersing himself in the vibrant atmosphere alongside renowned personalities such as David Grutman and DJ Steve Aoki. The trio celebrated together, reveling in the energetic nightlife that Miami had to offer. 

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Officially Broke Up

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, it was announced that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly, have officially ended their relationship. This announcement sent shock waves through their fan base and ignited conversations about the status of their love story. 

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Broke Up
Image: Trevor Noah with his former girlfriend, Minka Kelly. Source: People

According to one source cited by the outlet, Kelly is now single. The insider revealed that the actress is embracing her newfound independence and expressed contentment with her current relationship status. 

The source emphasized Minka's strong desire to prioritize her own happiness and avoid wasting her time with a partner who doesn't align with her needs and aspirations.

Is Andrew Shingange Brother Trevor Noah Dating Dua Lipa Dating?

Recent photographs capturing Dua Lipa and Daily Show host Trevor Noah together in New York City have sparked widespread speculation about a potential romantic connection between the two. The images were taken during a seemingly intimate outing at Miss Lily's restaurant in the East Village. 

It is believed that Lipa and Trevor first crossed paths earlier this year at the Grammy Awards, where the singer delivered a captivating performance and the comedian served as the host. According to an eyewitness account reported by DailyMail, the couple appeared deeply engaged with each other throughout their dinner. 

Are Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah dating
Image: Singer Dua Lipa and Comedian, Trevor Noah spotted together. Source: TMZ

They opted for a more secluded seating arrangement, choosing to enjoy their meal away from the prying eyes of other restaurant patrons. The eyewitness observed their close proximity, noting that they sat together closely and shared intimate moments. 

The pictures obtained by several media depict Trevor Noah affectionately kissing Dua's cheek, and the couple engaging in tender embraces and lingering displays of affection. Despite all of this happening none of them has confirmed their romance to date. So, the fans should wait a little longer to find out the truth. 

Find Out the Net Worth of Andrew Shingange

For Sure Andrew Shingange is part of the limelight due to his brother's name and fame. But despite representing the celeb family, he hasn't stepped in front of the limelight. So his current profession is yet to be revealed. As estimated the celebrity brother, Andrew holds a net worth of $500,000

On the other hand, his brother, Trevor is a massive money maker. Trevor Noah has achieved remarkable success in his career, accumulating an estimated net worth of around $40 million

Trevor Noah is a Comedian and actor
Image: Comedian Trevor Noah Ready for the big event. Source: Instagram

He has become a household name as the host of "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," a highly acclaimed talk show that reaches millions of viewers worldwide. 

In 2019, Trevor's brother also garnered significant attention with his staggering income of $28 million, making him the fourth highest-paid comedian globally. This impressive achievement solidifies the family's influence in the entertainment industry.

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