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Who Is Damian Musk? Get the Inside Scoop on Elon Musk's Son!

Published Fri Aug 04 2023 By Bsgurung
Who Is Damian Musk? Get the Inside Scoop on Elon Musk's Son!

Damian Musk is the son of Elon Musk, the renowned business tycoon and the first person to achieve a net worth exceeding $300 billion. Elon Musk has amassed his vast fortune through ventures like SpaceX and Tesla, Inc., with a net worth of $146.5 billion as of December 2022. 

Despite his public success, Elon Musk is known to be private about his children. While many are curious about the lives of his six sons, we will focus solely on the hush-hush life of Damian in this article.

Is Elon Musk's Son, Damian Musk Single or Dating? Know About Damian's Girlfriends

As a celebrity child, Damian Musk has chosen to keep his personal life away from the limelight. He is living a quite low-key life and doesn't have any social media account under his name. His love life is also a private matter, as Damian has never spoken publicly about any relationships. 

Damian Musk girlfriend
Image: Damian Musk with his pet dog. Source: ReadKong

As of 2023, it remains unknown whether the 17-year-old has a girlfriend or is currently dating anyone. Damian's preference for privacy reflects his desire to maintain a low profile despite being the son of one of the world's most successful business tycoons, Elon Musk.

Know About Damian Musk's Age and Birthday

Damian Musk is one of the triplets born to Elon Musk and his first wife, Justine Musk. He and his brothers, Kai, and Saxon was born on 1st January 2006. The three brothers are now in their teenage period.

Tragically, the couple's firstborn son, Nevada Alexander Musk, passed away at just 10 weeks old. In the aftermath of this devastating loss, Justine decided to pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive their future children. 

She shared this decision in an article she wrote for, explaining that they planned to get pregnant again swiftly to cope with their grief. Damian and his brothers are a testament to their parents' determination and strength in the face of such heartache.

Why Damian Musk's Parents Divorced? 

In 2008, after eight years of marriage and two years after Damian Musk was born, his parents, Elon Musk and Justine Musk, decided to part ways and divorce. Justine announced the end of their marriage in September of that year, acknowledging it as a sad but necessary conclusion to their journey. 

They had married at a young age and had six children together during their time together. Elon and Justine first met at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, and reconnected after college, leading to their marriage in 2002. 

While there were initial rumors that Elon left his wife for Talulah Riley, Elon clarified that there was no third-party involvement in their divorce. Following the divorce, Damian and his siblings were in the custody of their mother, and Elon provided financial support for their upbringing.

Get To Damian Musk's Siblings

Damian Musk is one of the triplets born to Elon Musk and Justine Musk, along with his brothers Saxon and Kai Musk. He also has two older twin brothers, Griffin Musk and Vivian Jenna Wilson, who was previously known as Xavier before undergoing a gender transition. 

Damian Musk parents and siblings
Image: Elon Musk with his ex-wife and their son. Source: Assets

Vivian has chosen to distance herself from her biological father, Elon. Damian also has a half-brother named X Æ A-Xii, born in May 2020 from Elon's relationship with Grimes, a Canadian musician. The Musk family's dynamics have drawn attention, with Damian's siblings having unique life experiences and identities.

Brother, Nevada Died in 2002

In 2002, Damian Musk's family faced a tragic loss when their infant son, Nevada, passed away at just 10 weeks old. Nevada was sleeping when he unexpectedly stopped breathing, and despite paramedics' efforts to resuscitate him, he suffered from brain damage due to lack of oxygen. 

He was kept on life support for three days before his parents made the heartbreaking decision to remove him from it. Nevada's cause of death was determined to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a devastating and unexplainable phenomenon that affects some infants during sleep. The loss of their firstborn son was a deeply traumatic event for Damian's parents, Elon and Justine Musk.

Wonderful Relationship With Parents

Despite the early divorce of his parents, Damian Musk has developed a close and positive relationship with both Elon and Justine. Their joint custody arrangement allowed him to have both parents actively involved in his life. 

Elon Musk has expressed his love and dedication to his boys, including Damian, and he spends significant time with them outside of work hours. Damian has not publicly spoken about his relationship with his father, but it seems to be a loving and involved one. Elon has been seen attending various events with Damian and his other sons, showing his commitment to being a hands-on father.

Damian Musk School and College

Damian Musk attends his father's co-founded school, Ad Astra. The school was created to educate Musk's children and some children of SpaceX employees, focusing on teaching based on individual aptitudes rather than traditional qualifications. 

The school does not separate students based on age, with a range of ages from 7 to 20 in attendance. Elon Musk has mentioned that his kids were mostly educated through online platforms like YouTube and Reddit. 

Ad Astra's curriculum emphasizes courses in Artificial Intelligence, design, and coding, but does not include music and sports. The exact location of the school is unclear as of 2023.

Damian Musk Wonderful Performance at Caltech

Damian Musk has ventured into theoretical physics research and is currently employed at the Fermilab Theory Division and Caltech INQNET consortium. His focus lies in quantum information for high-energy physics. 

In addition to his scientific pursuits, Damian has shown interest in fiction writing and musical performance. He seeks to blend scientific and artistic sensibilities, aiming to bring a unique perspective to both his research and artistic endeavors. 

Apart from his academic and creative pursuits, Damian is associated with several nonprofit organizations, further showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his scientific and artistic pursuits.

Net Worth of Damian Musk

As the son of billionaire Elon Musk, Damian Musk enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, although his personal net worth is yet to be disclosed. 

Elon Musk with his ex-girlfriend, Grimes
Image: Elon Musk with his ex-girlfriend, Grimes. Source: Fortune

As of 2023, his father's net worth stands at an impressive $193.6 billion, solidifying his position as one of the world's wealthiest individuals. Elon Musk's wealth primarily stems from his role as the CEO of Tesla Motors, a groundbreaking company in the electric car industry. 

In October, Elon made headlines by purchasing Twitter for a remarkable $44 billion, further adding to his extensive wealth and business ventures.

Piano Interest

Damian Musk has a passion for playing the piano, and this was brought to public attention when a video of him playing surfaced on Twitter in February 2021. Initially, the video was mistakenly attributed to his brother Saxon by a user named Kirstennetten. 

However, Elon Musk, Damian's father, later corrected the attribution and confirmed that it was indeed Damian in the video. The heartwarming video showed Damian playing the piano for elderly people, showcasing his talent and compassion for others through music.

Know About Damian Musk Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Damian Musk has blonde hair and a pair of hazel eyes. However, specific details regarding his height, weight, and other body measurements are not available in the media. The celebrity kid prefers to maintain his privacy, and therefore, such personal information has not been publicly disclosed.

Does Damian Musk Have Instagram Account? 

As of now, Damian Musk is not active on any social media platform, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He does not have a public presence on any of these platforms. On the other hand, his father, Elon Musk, has a significant presence on social media. 

He has over 3 million followers on his Instagram account and owns Twitter, where he has over 150 million followers. However, Damian Musk chooses to keep his personal life away from the limelight and does not maintain any public social media accounts.

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