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Who is Mike Lindell Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Published Thu Feb 04 2021 By Bran
Who is Mike Lindell Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details about the married life of Mike Lindell with his wife. 

Michael James Lindell, aka Mike Lindell, is one of the most talented stars in the corporate sector, thanks to his accomplishments as the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. What's more interesting is the fact that his success in the business sector led him to get the nickname of 'My Pillow Guy.' 

Apart from his business success, the 59-year-old rose to further prominence with his ties with the anti-heroic former United States President Donald Trump. Loyal to the Republican, he left the office as the advisor of the former USA head in 2021 as Joe Biden became the brand new president. 

As the owner of My Pillow, Mike Lindell makes the news very frequently, be it through his political activities, corporate achievements, or philanthropic deeds. Surprisingly, he even attempted to widely promote an unproven medicine for COVID-19, which caught a lot of attention. 

While his professional journey is resounding, his love and married life didn't go precisely according to his plans. Stay right here as we bring you all the details.

Mike Lindell Got Divorce From Second Marriage

Mike Lindell and Dallas Yocum pose for a picture.

Mike Lindell's marriage with Dallas Yocum ended in a month.
Photo Source: Famous People Today

 Mike Lindell has had the experience of being in some great romantic relationships in the past. However, looking back at his love history, he would definitely think about how he might have handled his relationships better, considering the fact that the corporate hero is a two-time divorcee. 

The last time we checked,  the avid supporter of former American President Donald Trump was divorced from Dallas Yocum, which happens to be his latest love affair to this date. 

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Things didn't go well in any terms between the MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell, and his then-wife as their marriage failed to last even a month. Well,  the details of their married life are quite mind-baffling as Lindell and Yocum tied the knot after dating for a few months in June 2013

After exchanging their vows in a proper wedding ceremony, everyone thought that Mike finally met the right woman to spend the rest of his life in peace. Unfortunately, all such thoughts turned out to be entirely false since the two had a spat resulting in them filing for a divorce agreement by mid-July 2013.

Mike Lindell caught on the camera in a navy suit.

Mike Lindell and his second wife parted ways in 2013.
Photo Source: Bloomberg

It was Mike Lindell's second wife, Dallas Yocum, who had it enough with the multi-millionaire, and went ahead to leave him. In an interview, America's Pillow King did confess how the former duo did sign a prenuptial agreement, perhaps because they themselves entirely didn't believe in their romance.

Mike Lindell Has Four Children With First Wife

When Mike Lindell looks back at his married history, he would certainly cherish his first one instead of the latter, since he made numerous memories with his first wife. Initially, he was married to the gorgeous Karen Dickey, a woman he loved very dearly. 

The pair got married in the early 1990s and looked destined to be together for eternity. Sadly, life didn't turn out their way as the founder of My Pillow got too occupied in his work.

Mike Lindell was the advisor to Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell and his first wife, Karen Dickey, share four kids.
Photo Source: The Week

Mike Lindell and his first wife shared four adorable kids together, which gives the wealthy businessman countless things to cherish about. 

Following his two divorces, the close pal of Donald Trump is currently working in several political causes alongside his business venture. Only time will tell if there is something more coming in the love story for the 59-year-old corporate tycoon.

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